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“Decorations aren't dignified! Huh! Who cares about a competition anyway?”

Best Dressed Engine is the twenty-second episode of the seventh series.


The Engines are celebrating May Day. Knapford Station is being decorated and the Fat Controller agrees to let the engines be decorated, but Gordon states that decorations are indignifying for an important engine like him and puffs away.

At Tidmouth Sheds, everyone is being decorated. Percy has flags and streamers, Thomas has big red banners and Murdoch is being decorated, despite his shyness. James gets the idea of having a competition for the "Best Dressed Engine." When Gordon arrives and hears about a competition, he wants to join in, but James tells him that he needs to be decorated since it is a Best Dressed Engine contest. Gordon rejects the competition after hearing everything.

Later, Gordon is crossing a bridge when a banner is blown onto his front. Since Gordon is pulling the express, he cannot stop and so remains "dressed up." Trevor is pulling a cart of apples for the children's apple bobbing. When he hears Gordon's whistle, he tries to go as fast as he can, but it is no use, and Gordon smashes all the apples. James is the last to reach the station for the contest until Gordon arrives. Everyone is surprised that Gordon is decorated (even Gordon admits he never wanted to), but James says that he is definitely the Best Dressed Engine. Everyone agrees and Gordon is announced the winner of the competition. Although Gordon does not want to admit it, he is pleased about it.





  • It is said that the banner wraps around Gordon's firebox, but it actually does so on his smokebox.
  • When Trevor is chuffing along, studio equipment is reflected in his paintwork.
  • When Gordon breaks through the crossing gates, Trevor's cart is not hit over. But in the next scene, the cart is smashed.
  • After Gordon collides with the cart, his left (viewer's right) buffer becomes severely damaged, but later at Knapford, it is still intact.
  • The shot of Trevor passing the farm with the apple cart is mirrored, as his flywheel is on his right side, when it should be on his left side.
  • The stock footage from Bulgy Rides Again causes a few inconsistencies:
    • When Gordon leaves Knapford, he is pulling four coaches, but in the next scene, he is pulling three.
    • Bulgy is in his original scarlet livery.
    • Gordon goes under the same bridge twice. However, an effort: the removal of the upper part of the bridge is made to disguise it the second time.
  • Because the stock footage from Thomas and the Breakdown Train is mirrored, Thomas' number is reversed and his lamp is on the wrong side of his running board.
  • When Murdoch asks Gordon "What decorations will you have, Gordon?", his left eyebrow (viewer's right perspective) is scratched.
  • In the shot of Trevor chuffing along before Gordon hits the crossing gates, Gordon cannot be seen behind him puffing.
  • If one were to closely examine and slow down the part where Gordon collides with the banner, the banner actually rolls up into Gordon's funnel like when he is at Knapford by the end.


Percy: I'm going to have flags and streamers.
Thomas: I'm going to have a big red banner.
Murdoch: What decorations will you have, Gordon?
Gordon: Decorations aren't dignified for an important engine like me! I pull the Express!

James: We could have a contest for the Best Dressed Engine.
[Gordon arrives]
Gordon: A contest! I'm bound to win any contest!
James: You will have to be decorated. This is a Best Dressed Engine contest!
Gordon: Not me! You'd never catch me looking so ridiculous!


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 最漂亮的小火车
Danish Det Flotteste Lokomotiv
Hungarian A Legszebb Díszbe Öltöztetett Mozdony
Italian Le Locomotive Addobbate
Japanese ベストドレッサーはだれ
Korean 고든이 제일 멋져!
Polish Najlepiej Udekorowana Lokomotywa
Portuguese A Locomotiva Mais Enfeitada
Romanian Cea Mai Împodobită Locomotivă
Russian Самый красивый паровоз
Serbian Najbolje Obučena Lokomotiva
Swedish De Bäst Pyntade Lokomotiven
Turkish En İyi Giyinen Tren
Welsh Dillad Gorau

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