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This article is about the VHS. You may be looking for the episode, the German VHS, the Danish DVD, the Croatian DVD, or the magazine story.
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Better Late than Never and Other Stories is a US and Canadian VHS release featuring two first series episodes and five second series episodes narrated by Ringo Starr. It was distributed by Strand VCI Entertainment in 1991 and 1992, and reissued by Strand Home Video in 1993 and Time-Life in 1994.


PEEP-PEEP! Adventures on the Island of Sodor. This time around, watch as Thomas misbehaves, and gets stuck underground. Find out what happens when Duck doubts Diesel. Laugh along as both Gordon and Duck run out of luck with those pesky trucks and Annie and Clarabel spell double trouble for Thomas. Climb aboard and watch the magic come alive with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Volume 5!


  1. Better Late Than Never
  2. Pop Goes the Diesel
  3. Diesel's Devious Deed
  4. A Close Shave for Duck
  5. Gordon Takes a Dip
  6. Down the Mine
  7. The Runaway



  • The photographs are copyrighted 1985 on the back cover when they are actually from 1986.
  • The UK narration can faintly be heard in the background.
  • On the 1991 back cover, Clarabel's name is misspelt as "Claribel."
  • Some 1991 copies list the episodes' UK titles on the back cover.