“We have better valleys in the mountains.”

Big Day Out is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


One morning, Thomas is about to take his passengers to the seaside. During the summer holidays, Thomas goes there everyday. Today, however, Sir Topham Hatt has an important job for Thomas. He tells Thomas that Skarloey has broken down and needs to be taken to the yard for repairs.

When Thomas arrives at the Wharf, he sees Skarloey looking sad. The little engine explains that he does not like going to the mender's. Thomas decides to show the little engine some of the wonderful sights of Sodor to cheer him up. Instead of taking Skarloey to the fitter's yard, Thomas takes Skarloey past forests and meadows. Skarloey, however, is not impressed. He declares that they have better valleys up in the mountains. Thomas is upset.

Thomas sets off for the yard to finish his job. Shortly, they stop at a signal near the beach. Skarloey is pleased to see the shimmering sea and the smiling faces. Skarloey declares it to be the best day out ever - much to Thomas' surprise; he sees the beach almost every day. Thomas is pleased that Skarloey enjoyed his day out after all.





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