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“Here comes Gordon!"
"And here comes big strong Henry!”
―Thomas and Henry

Big Strong Henry is the thirteenth episode of the tenth series.


Winter is coming to the Island of Sodor, and all the engines are preparing for the cold weather. Farmer McColl is building a new shed for his cows, and he needs lots of bricks, iron, and concrete to finish building it.

At Tidmouth Sheds, the Fat Controller declares that he needs a strong engine to fetch them. Henry volunteers immediately, but Gordon intervenes, boasting he is stronger and that he will do the job. Even though Gordon and Henry are just about the same size, after careful thinking, the Fat Controller decides that Gordon will pick up the building materials, and Henry will deliver the empty trucks for Gordon to collect. Henry is upset, but Percy, Emily, and Thomas all reassure Henry they know he is big and strong. Percy says Henry could pull ten trucks of sand, Emily says he could pull twenty coal trucks, and Thomas states that he could pull fifty trucks of iron and steel, calling him "Big Strong Henry." Gordon is unimpressed, but Thomas tells him that Henry will show him, and Gordon sets off.

After delivering the empty trucks, Henry sets off, wondering how he can prove that he is strong like Gordon. He meets Percy at the water tower, and Percy tells Henry to pull five heavy trucks from the nearby line. So, Henry switches tracks and couples up, and he pulls the trucks forward just as Gordon pulls up. Gordon angrily orders Henry to put the trucks back, as they are his trucks to pick up for Farmer McColl later, and he steams away. Percy still believes that Henry is stronger than Gordon, making Henry feel much better.

Further down the track, Thomas is waiting. Thomas tells Henry of the many trucks loaded with hay bales on the siding, and Henry decides to pull them. He couples up and pulls them out of the siding, but because Henry is pulling so many heavy trucks at one time, he cannot stop them from pushing him down the hill. At a bend at the bottom of the hill, Henry derails and the trucks are smashed, leaving hay bales everywhere. Henry is left very upset.

Edward brings Rocky to help lift Henry back onto the track, as well as the Fat Controller. He orders Henry to return the hay bales to where he found them, taking only one truck at a time. Henry is very miserable, as now he realises he is not as strong as he thinks he is.

Meanwhile, Gordon has delivered all the materials for Farmer McColl, and the Fat Controller tells him to go collect his cows. Gordon feels very proud of himself, boasting that he is indeed stronger than Henry, but does not realise that the cattle truck doors are improperly shut. At the signal, Gordon meets up with Henry, who is still returning hay bales. Henry notices the cows escaping from Gordon's wagons, and Gordon does not know what to do. However, Henry sees that the cows are heading towards the hay on his flatbed, and he gets an idea. Henry slowly chuffs down the track towards Farmer McColl's farm, and the cows hungrily follow him all the way. Farmer McColl is very pleased that all his cows are safely home... except for one, who is blocking Gordon's path.

That night, Thomas and Percy apologise to Henry for getting him into trouble, but Henry accepts it as his fault for wanting to be "Big Strong Henry." However, Emily responds that he is something even better: "Very Helpful Henry." Henry smiles and states that even the strongest engine needs a little help sometimes, and asks Gordon if he agrees. But Gordon, embarrassed, does not answer and his face turns red as a signal.




  • It is possible that the field where Henry derailed is the same that James and Molly pass at the beginning of the episode, just removing the tree and putting a third track in its place. A deleted version of the opening also shows this version of the field.
  • A deleted scene picture shows that Emily was the engine that told Henry about the many trucks loaded with hay bales on the siding instead of Thomas.
  • This episode marks:
    • George's final appearance in an episode and his only appearance in the tenth series.
    • The last episode written by Simon Nicholson.
    • The only episode where a brass model is used for the crash instead of the plastic model. This may be due to the plastic model having a previously loose middle left drive wheel which is visible in promotional photographs and some scenes of the episode, Henry and the Wishing Tree. The way the crash in this episode unfolded could have caused the old repair to fail.
  • A recap version of the episode was used in the Sodor's Special Places segment, Farmer McColl's Farm before the full episode aired.
  • From this episode until The Great Discovery, Henry gains a new astonished face which is similar to his original one from the second series.
  • In the US dub, Henry makes a scared statement as he derails and groans after his crash.
  • The cow getting stuck on Gordon’s line and blocking Gordon may be a reference to the second series episode, Cows.


  • In the beginning of the episode, Gordon has Henry's whistle sound.
  • Edward brings Rocky to help clear up the mess, but Rocky does not arrive on Sodor and meet Edward until Edward Strikes Out. However, this episode may take place some time after the events of the aforementioned episode.
  • The narrator says Percy collected trucks of logs, but there was only one truck.
  • Gordon's puffing sound is heard when Thomas says "Here comes Gordon," but it is not heard before or after Thomas said that.
  • The narrator says that Henry pulled the trucks out of the sidings, which is not what happened as the trucks were not on a siding.
  • The track where the five trucks of hay stand dead ends in the bushes.
  • In the shot of the trucks rolling Henry down the hill, a camera shadow on the top right can be seen.
  • When Henry derails, the first truck appears to already be damaged.


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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese O Grande Forte Henry
Chinese Mandarin 又大又强壮的亨利
Croatian Velik i snažan Hrvoje
Czech Velký Silný Henry
Danish Store Stærke Henry
Dutch Grote Sterke Henry
Finnish Voimakkaalle Henri
French Le Grand et Fort Henry
German Der große, starke Henry
Hungarian Többet Ésszel Mint Erővel
Italian Il Grande e Forte Henry
Japanese おおきくてつよいヘンリー
Korean 헨리의 활약
Latin American Spanish El Grande y Fuerte Henry
Norwegian Store, Sterke Henry
Polish Wielki Silny Henio
Portuguese O Grande e Forte Henry
Romanian Henry cel Mare și Puternic
Russian Большой сильный Генриа
Spanish Henry el Fortachón
Swedish Store Starke Henry
Turkish Büyük güçlü Henry

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