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“Two engines are much better than one, you know.”

Big World! Big Adventures! is the 2018 Thomas & Friends special. This is the fourteenth and final Thomas film in the original show.


Big World! Big Adventures!, alongside the twenty-second series, marks the third major rebrand of the franchise, following the introduction of the Steam Team in the eighth series and the show switching over to full CGI in Hero of the Rails. Both productions were the masterminded concepts of Ian McCue and Micaela Winter and the result of the market research Mattel conducted with audiences around the globe.

It was about how Mattel could keep Thomas & Friends relevant in a competitive market, as well as reversing declining toy sales. The one suggestion Mattel was intrigued with came from a child declaring that "Trains can go places but Thomas never goes anywhere." This evolved into Thomas travelling around the globe and learning about different cultures.


When a mischievous little racing car called Ace passes through Sodor on his way around the world, Thomas is inspired to embark on his own ambitious trip. Travelling full steam ahead across five continents, Thomas discovers magnificent new sights and experiences exciting places and cultures. Along the way, he makes friends with an inspiring and fun Kenyan engine called Nia. With so much for Thomas to learn about the world, will Nia be successful in teaching him a lesson about the true meaning of friendship? Featuring a world of wonder, curiosity and amazing animal friends, join Thomas on an epic adventure, fulfilling his dream of seeing the world!


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  • This film ties in with the twenty-second series.
  • This special takes place between Journey Beyond Sodor and the twenty-second series; as a result, this is the first production under the new rebrand.
  • This is the third musical special, the first being The Great Race, and the second being Journey Beyond Sodor.
  • This is the longest direct-to-DVD film to date at a total runtime of eighty minutes. It is also the second-longest Thomas production after Thomas and the Magic Railroad at 85 minutes (110 minutes if left uncut).
  • The spine on the DVD release of this special reuses an image of Thomas from the previous film, Journey Beyond Sodor.
  • Yvonne Grundy, Patricia Kihoro, Peter Andre, Dan Li, Gabriel Porras, Su-Lin Looi, Rachael Miller, Abubakar Salim, Richie Campbell, Akiya Henry, Chipo Chung and Dona Adwera join the voice cast.
  • Part of the original theme is recreated when Thomas, Nia and Ace rescue the train as a danger theme.
  • This special is the first of several things:
    • The first special in the US not to get released on DVD until a year after.
    • The first film fully animated by Jam Filled Toronto.
    • The first Thomas & Friends production without Mark Moraghan since he was cast as the narrator in 2013.
    • The first time a new Steam Team member is introduced since the seventh series episode, Emily's New Coaches.
    • The first time where engines numbered 1-12 speak since Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, as well as being the first time since said special to introduce a new engine to work on Sodor.
    • The first special in which Matt Wilkinson voiced Ben since Jonathan Broadbent's departure from the series at some point in 2017 or 2018.
    • The first and only special in which Tim Whitnall voices Bill.
    • The first special in which the Sodor Steamworks does not appear since its introduction in Hero of the Rails. However, it was present in the background of a portrait of Victor from the thirteenth series episode, Percy's Parcel inside Sir Topham Hatt's office. A portrait of Thomas from the thirteenth series episode, Creaky Cranky is also seen there.
    • Yong Bao, Carlos, Vinnie and Rajiv's first appearances since their debuts in The Great Race.
    • Yong Bao, Big Mickey and the Thin Clergyman's first speaking roles in a special. It also marks Yong Bao's first speaking role in the main franchise.
    • Sam's first and only appearance in the series rather than an online promotional video.
    • The first DVD released in the US since Christmas on Sodor.
    • The first US DVD since Rusty to the Rescue not to have language selection menu.
      • It is also the first US DVD since Thomas and the Magic Railroad to include subtitles.
    • The first DVD released in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland since Wobbly Wheels and Whistles.
    • The first special dubbed in Swedish, Danish and Finnish since Tale of the Brave.
    • The first special dubbed in Norwegian since Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.
    • The first special not released on DVD in South Korea since King of the Railway.
    • The first special not showed on theatrical in South Korea since Day of the Diesels.
    • The first special not dubbed the songs in South Korea since Day of the Diesels.
    • The first special where Shin Yong-u, Um Sang-hyun, Jeon Tae-yeol and Kim Eun-a as part of the voice cast in South Korea since King of the Railway.
    • The first special that the word "Mainland" is translated in Korean since King of the Railway.
    • The first special production dubbed in Tamil and Telugu.
    • The first Thomas production without a narrator, a feature that will return in the reboot.
    • The first time a subway was mentioned in the show.
    • The first special since Calling All Engines! to have an exclamation mark in its title.
  • This special was also the first time for many crew members:
  • This special also marks the only occurrences of a few things:
  • This special marks the last of a few things:
    • Donald, Douglas, Timothy, Sam, Vinnie, Mavis, Stafford, the Sodor Brass Band, the Fat Clergyman, the Male Puppet Show Entertainer, the Ffarquhar Stationmaster and his Family and Sailor John's last appearances to date, although Stafford is only mentioned in the twenty-fourth series episode, Kenji on the Rails Again and Timothy was only indirectly mentioned in the twenty-second series episode, Hunt the Truck.
    • Connor's last appearance until the twenty-fourth series episode, Thomas and the Royal Engine.
    • Mr. Percival, the Small Controller, and Oliver's last appearances until the twenty-fourth series episode, The Great Little Railway Show, as well as Oliver's last speaking role.
    • The last appearance of the Sodor China Clay Company, not counting being mentioned in Hunt the Truck.
    • The final Thomas film and feature-length special in the CGI era, as for the next 2 years, the specials are double length episodes until feature-length specials were re-introduced in the reboot, Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!
    • The final DVD release and therefore the final physical home media release in the US.
    • The final special made entirely in CGI.
  • This special aired on TV:
    • On Nickelodeon US on 7th September 2018 and on Treehouse TV on 13th October 2018. The special later re-aired on Nick Jr. in the US on 13th September 2018 and on 19th April 2019.
    • On ABC Kids in Australia on Christmas Eve 2018.
    • On Milkshake! in the UK on New Year's Day 2019.
    • On Disney Channel in India, the Where in the World is Thomas? song and Dakar Docks scene are removed, because it heard the song in the end credits.
    • On the RTÉ Jr block on RTÉ 2 in Ireland, the special aired on Saturday 17 August 2019 from 8:25am-10:00am.
  • A CGI recreation of a scene of the second series episode, Thomas Comes to Breakfast is used during the song, "Where in the World is Thomas?" as references to said episode, the first series episodes, The Sad Story of Henry and Down the Mine, the second series episode, Percy Takes the Plunge, the fourth series episode, Thomas and the Special Letter, the seventh series episodes Percy Gets it Right and Something Fishy, the seventeenth series episode, Thomas' Shortcut, and the specials, Hero of the Rails, Misty Island Rescue, Blue Mountain Mystery and Journey Beyond Sodor are made.
  • The end credits are different from each other in both the UK & US versions for example; In the UK version Thomas, Nia and Ace are the only ones credited with John Hasler, Yvonne Grundy and Peter Andre and are the only ones to have character's credited with them while the others remain the same without character's credited with them and Where in the World is Thomas? is featured at the end and in the US version Joseph May and Yvonne Grundy don't have character's credited with them along with the other voice actor's and "With the voice of" is credited underneath Peter Andre and Ace is credited with him making him the only voice actor to have a character credited with him and Big World Big Adventures/Set Friendship in Motion is featured at the end instead of Where in the World is Thomas?
  • A reference to the special, The Great Race is made.
  • A reused voice clip of Rob Rackstraw from the Meet the Contenders videos is used for the Senegal Race Announcer.
  • Pictures of Arlesburgh from the third series and of Donald and Douglas with the pirate ship from Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, along with an edited picture of Skiff and Sailor John from the latter, with John made to look like another sailor and Skiff being recoloured red with his face removed, appear inside the Sailor's Cafe in San Francisco. Another reference to Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure is made during the song "Where In the World is Thomas?" when Percy is thinking that he fell into the ocean due to passing a danger sign.
  • Re-textures of Edward, Henry, Oliver, Ryan, Raul, Dart, Ivan, the Mainland Diesels, Frankie, Bert, Judy/Jerome, Beresford, Carly and Big Mickey appear.
  • Bertie is heard singing Somebody Has to be the Favourite before Ace races past him.
  • The scrap engine that Beau was talking about was reused from Bert's model.
  • Ace breaks the fourth wall at the beginning of the film by winking at the camera and saying "G'day!" to the audience.
  • Sailor John's model is reused for one of the patrons in the Sailor's Cafe at San Francisco.
  • The special was nominated by the 2019 Kidscreen Awards for the Best One-Off, Special or TV Movie.
  • This special aired in a private cinema on the NSW/VIC border of Australia.
  • A deleted scene shows that Carlos mistook Ace for a sun worshipper and shows him what their faces look like once he deploys the Aztec calendar around his face. The view made Ace wait anxiously for the green signal. It is unknown why it was cut. However, it was possibly cut due to being offensive to some viewers.
  • According to The Fan Carpet, the film took twenty-one months to produce, nine months to animate and took over 9,500 hours of animation to complete. As such, this production took the longest time out of any Thomas & Friends production to date, to which possibly started in mid-2016 and ended in February 2018.
  • The US DVD is the last released under the name of Mattel Creations before being renamed to Mattel Television.
  • During "Wake Up", Thomas could be seen with grey smoke forming a cloud above him, a reference to the gloom cloud in many cartoons.
  • Ajim's Owner can be heard singing a verse of "This is the Way the Ladies Ride" during the Sahara Desert scene.
  • In prototype biographies of Beau, it is said that Thomas saved him after he was abandoned. However, this is sort of swapped, as Beau saves Thomas after his crash.
  • An official Thomas & Friends magazine incorrectly states that Thomas meets Rebecca on the Mainland in the film. This idea was most likely dropped during production.
  • In the Korean version of this special:
    • "'The Great Railway Show" was not translated while The Great Race translated it as "기차 선발 대회." (gicha seonbal daehoe).
    • Was initially intended to be shown in theaters but instead was released on VOD.
    • The title was just a transcription to Hangul of the "Big World Adventure."
    • All seven songs that can be heard in the middle of the movie were not dubbed in Korean, but its English dubbing as it was. The reason for this is because the production team said that it does not tamper the original song that touches the characteristics of each continent, but it is to deliver it to the domestic children's audience.
    • It was the last special imported, produced and dubbed in Korean by KBS Media in South Korea as well as the last special to have Korean subtitles.
  • The engines and the crowd of people cheering welcoming Thomas home could possibly have similarities to The Railway Series book and story Thomas Comes Home.
  • The Turkish version deleted some of the scenes from Where in the World is Thomas?
  • According to Henning Stegelmann, the German dub of this film was commissioned by Super RTL back in 2018 and Stegelmann wrote the dubbing script, but the project was cancelled due to being too expensive. Months later, Justbridge Entertainment acquired the rights and decided to release the film in theatres, starting in January 2020.[1]
  • In an early test trailer, several scenes were different and some footage is omitted from the final film, such as:
    • Thomas meets Nia near a signal box and a water tower in Kenya.
    • Thomas pulls the goods train through Africa whilst passing a herd of giraffes and a fence.
    • When Thomas and his goods train are pushed up the Kenyan hill, several other trucks are included.
    • Thomas and Nia passing through the carnival in Brazil.
    • In The United States, Thomas passes by the Golden Gate Bridge.
    • In China, Thomas escapes from an avalanche instead of Nia being trapped in one.
    • Stock footage from Tale of the Brave is used.
    • The lighting looks more realistic and a bit more like the lighting in Journey Beyond Sodor.


  • At the start of the movie, Thomas was trying to push five tankers, including one that was a different colour from the others. Yet when Thomas crashes them, there are only three, and they are all the same colour. Thomas then has four when Gordon states that Sodor is his world.
  • In the high-angle shot of Ace performing road doughnuts, the signals in the upper right-hand corner are transparent and floating.
  • When Ace jumps over the fence near Flying Scotsman, his front bumper clips through the rails as he lands. When he lands, his wheels stop moving.
  • Sidney switches tracks between shots. He should have almost crashed into the Flying Scotsman, not Ace.
  • When Thomas derails the tankers, his side rod does not move, resulting in both it and his wheels being out of place.
  • In one shot at Knapford, the brake van behind Gordon's fish trucks disappears.
  • A workman uncouples Thomas from the tankers when they are derailed, but in the next scene, he is still coupled to them.
  • When at Knapford Station, the fish trucks are shown to have no faces, but at Vicarstown Station, they have gained faces.
  • At Vicarstown Station, Connor does not have pupils.
  • When Thomas enters Knapford Station, the town's road is lopsided.
  • "Where in the World is Thomas?" has a few animation errors:
    • When Percy enters the yard at the beginning of the song, a loading bay can be seen beside him but in the next shot, it is gone.
    • In the overhead shot of Knapford Yards, Norman, Stanley and Stafford's eyes are not animated and appear closed.
    • During Toby's line in the song, Henrietta is grey instead of brown-orange.
    • Although Bill was voiced by Tim Whitnall, Bill's voice sounds much deeper than it does in later instances.
    • Ben's body has been raised noticeably higher compared to his chassis so his buffers are touching the ones on the truck he was pushing.
  • After Nia says "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings," Thomas' train disappears before the scene changes. Thomas' very long train in this scene has a brake van at the end of the train, but for the rest of the time it is on screen, it is absent.
  • In one of the ending scenes of the song, "Wake Up!" visibly, an oil/diesel tanker's wheel clips through its own buffer beam when Nia gets a close-up.
  • When Kwaku speaks to Thomas, the paint on Thomas' right tank is chipped.
  • In the wide shot of Guanabara Bay upon Thomas and Nia's arrival, the train pulled by the grey tender engine has a narrow gauge brake van.
  • In the wide shot of Thomas looking at all the coffee trucks, a lamp in the background is floating.
  • Ace clips through a bush when he is racing in the Amazon.
  • When Carlos whistles, no steam emits.
  • Kobe tells Sir Topham Hatt that he loaded Thomas onto the ship to Brazil, when earlier in the special, the faceless grey crane near him was shown to actually be the one loading the engines.
  • In some scenes in Colombia in "Free and Easy," Thomas' footplate is blue instead of white.
  • In the wide shot of Sir Topham Hatt talking to Fernando at Guanabara Bay, Cassia and the pink hammerhead crane are missing.
  • When Beau arrives to rescue Thomas and Ace, his flatbed is in front of him. But when Thomas is preparing to leave, Beau's flatbed now is behind his tender.
  • When Beau says "Happy trails," there is no whistle sound despite his whistle having animated steam.
  • When Nia first hears Thomas calling her name in the Himalayas, her snowplough is clipping through her buffers.
  • When Nia falls off the cliff, she simply closes her eyes, but the sound designers seemingly mistook this as her whistling and added her whistle sound effect. As a result, no steam emits when she "whistles."
  • When Yong Bao saves Thomas and Nia, the chain between the latter two clips through his snowplough.
  • In the UK dub, when James and Emily say, "Welcome to Sodor!" they have their US voices.
  • The audio for the US DVD is in a lower pitch.
  • The US DVD subtitles credit the line "He wouldn't last an hour!" to Annie as opposed to Dowager Hatt.
  • In the German audiobook, the narrator refers to the Flying Scotsman as "the Flying Kipper" and Tidmouth Sheds is called a "garage."
  • When Thomas returns to Knapford with Nia, he passes the switching tracks repeatedly.
  • A line of trucks in a siding directly besides Thomas disappears in the shot after the trucks say "We're home."
  • The wheels on a flatbed on the train of coffee was moving backwards during the "We're Friends" song. It is most noticeable right before the trucks start singing. Sometimes the wheels on the trucks are moving either way too slowly or not moving at all.
  • Thomas' wheels were moving backwards after he says "Good luck in the rally, Ace."

In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Um Grande Mundo de Aventuras
Chinese Mandarin 湯馬仕大電影之世界大冒險
Croatian U Novoj Avanturi
Czech Velká dobrodružství ve velkém světě
Danish Stor Verden! Store Eventyr!
Dutch Grote Avonturen In De Grote Wereld
Finnish Suuri Maailma! Suuret Seikkailut!
German Große Welt! Große Abenteuer!
Hebrew !הרפתקאות מסביב לעולם
Hungarian Nagy világ, nagy kalandok!
Indonesian Petualangan Keliling Dunia (RTV)
Dunia Besar, Petualangan Besar (Vision Indonesia)
Italian Un Mondo di Avventure
Japanese Go!Go!地球まるごとアドベンチャー
Korean 큰 세상! 큰 모험! (Mattel Korea)
빅 월드 어드벤처 (KBS Media)
Latin American Spanish Un Gran Mundo de Aventuras
Norwegian Stor Verden! Store Eventyr!
Polish Wielki Świat! Wielkie Przygody!
Romanian O Lume Mare! Aventuri Mari!
Russian Кругосветное путешествие!
Serbian Veliki Svet! Velike Pustolovine!
Slovenian Veliki Svet
Spanish Un Mundo Lleno de Aventuras
Swedish Stor Värld! Stora Äventyr!
Turkish Büyük Dünya Büyük Maceralar


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