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This article is about the special. You may be looking for the series.
“Two engines are much better than one you know.”

Big World! Big Adventures! is the 2018 Thomas & Friends film.


A racing rally car called Ace inspires Thomas the Tank Engine to become the first engine to travel the world, so Thomas sets off on an adventure which takes him to five continents, across deserts, through jungles and over dangerous mountains. On his journey Thomas meets Nia, an engine who teaches him that everyone needs a little help from their friends.


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  • Some actors and actresses are not credited for voicing their characters:
    • Joe Mills and Tracy-Ann Oberman in both dubs for voicing Douglas, Oliver and Daisy.
  • When Ace jumps over the fence near Flying Scotsman, his front bumper clips through the rails as he lands. When he lands, his wheels stop moving.
  • When Thomas rerails the tankers, his side rod does not move, resulting in both it and his wheels being out of place.
  • A workman uncouples Thomas from the tankers when they are rerailed, but in the next scene, he is still coupled to them.
  • When at Knapford Station, the fish trucks are shown to have no faces, but at Vicarstown Station they have gained faces.
  • "Where in the World is Thomas?" has a few animation errors:
    • When Percy enters the yard at the beginning of the song, a loading bay can be seen beside him but in the next shot, it is gone.
    • In the overhead shot of Knapford Yards, Norman, Stanley and Stafford's eyes are not animated and appear closed.
    • Ben's body has been raised noticeably higher compared to his chassis.
  • In the wide shot of Rio de Janeiro Docks upon Thomas and Nia's arrival, the train pulled by the grey tender engine has a narrow gauge brakevan.
  • In some scenes in Colombia in "Free and Easy," Thomas' footplate is blue instead of white.
  • After Nia says "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings," Thomas' train disappears before the scene changes. Thomas' very long train in this same scene has a brake van at the end of the train, but for the rest of the time it is on screen, it is absent.
  • When Kwaku speaks to Thomas, Thomas’ right sided tank has a chipped dent.
  • Kobe tells Sir Topham Hatt that he loaded Thomas onto the ship to Brazil, when earlier in the special, the faceless grey crane near him was shown to actually be the one loading the engines.
  • Ace clips through a bush when he is racing in the Amazon.
  • When Yong Bao saves Thomas and Nia, the chain between the latter two clips through his snowplough.
  • In the UK dub at the end of the special, Rob Rackstraw gives James an American accent when he says, "Welcome to Sodor!"

In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Um Grande Mundo de Aventuras
Chinese 湯馬仕大電影之世界大冒險
Danish Stor Verden! Store Eventyr!
Dutch Grote Avonturen In De Grote Wereld
Finnish Suuri Maailma! Suuret Seikkailut!
French À la découverte du monde!
German Große Welt! Große Abenteuer!
Hebrew !הרפתקאות מסביב לעולם
Japanese Go!Go!地球まるごとアドベンチャー
Norwegian Stor Verden! Store Eventyr!
Polish Wielki Świat! Wielkie Przygody!
Russian Кругосветное путешествие!
Spanish Un Gran Mundo de Aventuras
Swedish Stor Varld! Stora Aventyr!


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  • Nia
  • Yong Bao
  • Beau
  • Ace


  • Thomas and Ace the Racer
  • Nia


  • Thomas and Ace the Racer
  • Nia and the Elephant
  • Yong Bao the Hero
  • Boat and Sea Set
  • Turbo Jungle Set
  • Around the World 3-Pack

Motor Road and Rail

  • Yong Bao
  • Thomas and Nia and Ace Go! Go! Adventure Set


  • Nia
  • Yong Bao

Motorized Railway

  • Nia
  • Raul
  • Railway Rainbow Mountain Set
  • Raul's Busy Day

Railway Pals

  • Nia
  • Yong Bao

Mega Bloks

  • Nia
  • Travel Sticker Thomas


  • Nia
  • Ace

Capsule Plarail

  • Leaf Funnel Thomas
  • Nia
  • Yong Bao