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Big World! Big Adventures! - China is a German DVD/CD which contains six episodes from the twenty-second series.


  1. The Locomotive Number 1
  2. Thomas and the Dragon
  3. Wagon Out Of Control
  4. The Giant Panda
  5. The Water Wheel
  6. Forever and Ever


  • The DVD marks the first of a few things:
  • The CD release also marks the first of a couple things:
    • The first Thomas CD released in Germany since The Splish-Splash-Splosh-Game in November 2013.
    • The first to directly play edited versions of episodes rather than adapting them loosely since Thomas and his Friends Part 3.
  • The DVD also contains advertising for the German cinema release of Big World! Big Adventures! as well as the next upcoming two DVDs from series 22.


  • On the CD, the audio is distorted and low-pitched.