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“There he goes again! 'Do it right' from morning to night!”
―Bill mocking Fergus

Bill, Ben and Fergus is the third episode of the seventh series.


A small traction engine on rails named Fergus has been sent to work at the quarry for an important job. Thomas warns him about Bill and Ben, but Fergus states that he will not let the twins bother him.

When Fergus arrives at the quarry, Mavis tells him that the trucks are in a mess, but Fergus promises to sort them out. But Bill and Ben are full of mischief, and decide to have some fun. Bill slams his trucks very hard, causing some of his load to fall onto the tracks. Fergus angrily orders him to do it right, but Bill is annoyed and tells him not to interfere. Later, Ben pushes his trucks across some points, so that Fergus cannot leave his siding. He orders Ben to move them, but Ben just grins and keeps him trapped.

The workmen are blasting rock, so Fergus tells the twins to wait for the all clear signal. But they are fed up with his orders, and crossly tell him to keep his funnel out of the quarry. Then they leave to collect a rock crusher from the docks, leaving Fergus in peace with Mavis.

At the docks, the twins are still grumbling about Fergus. They decide that the next time he tells them to do it right, they will do it wrong intentionally. Bill and Ben collect the rock crusher and head back to the quarry.

When they arrive, Fergus warns them that the rock face is unsafe, and not to go near it. But once again Bill and Ben are being naughty, and deliberately push the rock crusher alongside the cliff as roughly as they can, which starts a rockslide. Fergus charges forward and pushes the twins out of the way. His driver jumps clear, but Fergus ends up buried. Everyone works hard to dig Fergus out, and no one works harder to help him than Bill and Ben.

When Fergus is free, Bill and Ben shamefully apologise. Fergus accepts their apology, and all three agree to do things right together.




  • Going by production order, this is the fifteenth episode of the seventh series.
  • Pre-filmed footage from Fergus Breaks the Rules is used.
  • This episode marks the first episode that can only be found on a Complete Series DVD in Australia.
  • The working title of this episode was simply Bill and Ben, which is also what it was called in South Korea.
  • A rare still shows Fergus sleeping even though he is covered in rocks. Another one even shows him smiling.
  • During the scene of Bill and Ben helping to dig Fergus out, part of the footage is sped up. During PBS Kids airings, the same footage is sped up even more.
  • This episode was released before The Spotless Record, meaning the audience may not know who Arthur is.
  • When the men were blasting rocks, Elizabeth's horn can be heard used as a siren.
  • In a still picture, Thomas, Fergus, Annie and Clarabel were facing the other way at Maithwaite.
  • A grey building from TUGS appears at the quarry.
  • According to a SiF interview with Chris Lloyd, Fergus' model was damaged in the landslide scene. It could still run, but the flywheel no longer turned. This may be why the character was dropped after the seventh series.
  • This episode marks the last of two things:
    • Bill and Ben's only appearances in the seventh series and their last appearances in the Gullane era. This is also their last appearance until the ninth series episode, Thomas' New Trucks (excluding a music video cameo in Calling All Engines!, which used a deleted scene from the eighth series episode, Thomas to the Rescue).
    • Mavis' only speaking role in the seventh series and her last speaking role in the Gullane era.


  • Mavis has Daisy's second series horn sound.
  • When Ben blocks the line, he has Bill's whistle.
  • When Fergus arrives at the quarry, Percy can be seen going over the bridge. But when the scene cuts to a close-up of Mavis, either 'Arry or Bert can be seen shunting trucks and in the opposite direction.
  • In the scenes before Fergus arrived at the quarry, he has no steam coming out of his funnel.
  • Whenever Mavis toots her horn, the last second of the horn sound glitches up.
  • Mavis, Bill, and Ben's eyes are wonky for most of the episode.


  • Thomas: Hello. Where are you going?
  • Fergus: To the quarry.
  • Thomas: Watch out for Bill and Ben the twins. They love to make mischief.
  • Fergus: I won't let young rascals rattle me!
  • Thomas: You don't know the twins like I do!


  • Fergus: Wait for the "all clear" signal. Do it right.
  • Bill: There he goes again! [mocks Fergus] "Do it right," from morning till night!
  • Ben: Keep your funnel out of our quarry!


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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 比尔班和佛格斯
Czech Bill, Ben a Fergus
Danish Bill, Ben og Fergus
Dutch Bill, Ben en Fergus
Italian Bill, Ben e Fergus
Japanese ビルとベンとファーガス
Korean 쌍둥이 형제와 퍼거스
Polish Wiluś, Benio oraz Franek
Romanian Bill, Ben şi Fergus
Russian Бил, Бэн и Фэргус
Serbian Bil, Ben i Fergus
Swedish Bill, Ben och Fergus
Turkish Bill, Ben ve Fergus
Welsh Bil, Ben a Fergus

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