“How did you get here first? You must be Ben with Bill's name and number!"
"No, I'm Bill. Get your driver to check me over if you like.”
―Gordon and Bill

Bill and Ben's Trick is a magazine story.


Gordon is cross because he has to take trucks to the harbour while James pulls the express. While at the harbour, he runs into Bill and Ben. He calls the twins "silly little engines" to which Bill tell him that they might not be as strong or fast, but they are still important. Gordon scoffs and challenges him to a race. Bill and Ben have an idea to get back at Gordon. Ben, with Bill's spare nameplate and number, meets up with Gordon and Gordon gives him a head start. By the time Gordon arrives at Wellsworth, Bill is already there. Gordon is in shock but Bill only laughs at Gordon's defeat.





  • Ben is said to be wearing Bill's spare nameplate and number when he meets up with Gordon but the twins are not illustrated with numbers.
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