“I'm going to make Mrs. Kyndley's washing all sooty!”

Bill and BoCo is a magazine story.


Ben is sent to the Works to have new buffers. BoCo is told to look after Bill while Ben is away, but Bill is determined to be naughty. First he decides to rush through a puddle and soak Thomas, but BoCo, attempting to stop him, rushes through the puddle himself and soaks Percy instead. Then, Bill is going to blow his whistle and wake up Edward, but BoCo blows his horn to stop him and startles Edward. Bill then attempts to blow cinders and ashes over Mrs Kyndley's washing, but BoCo rushes up to stop him and the gush of wind he created blows the washing off the clothes line. BoCo is worried that he will get in trouble with the Fat Controller. Meanwhile, Bill goes too fast down a siding and slams into the buffers, which buckle his buffers. Sir Topham scolds Bill and now both twins are sent for repairs in disgrace. And the Fat Controller praises BoCo for being a well behaved engine.




  • This plot is similar to the episode Buffer Bother, as both Bill and Ben damage their buffers.


  • Mrs. Kyndley's name is misspelt as Mrs. Kindley.
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