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“It's lucky I have lots of puff!”

Blowing Hard! is a rebus magazine story.


One windy day, Thomas is pulling a truck in the yard when he sees some children flying a kite in a nearby park. Suddenly, the string breaks and the kite blows into the air and comes to land in a tree. Then, a sudden gust of wind snatches it out of the tree and blows it high into the air. The kite then makes it's way towards the railway yard and lands in Thomas' truck. Before Thomas' driver can collect it, the wind whips it away again.

The kite heads over the station's car-park, towards a bridge. The kite starts to fall from the sky as people on the bridge watch in amazement. It lands straight on Thomas' funnel. Thomas puffs hard and blows the kite back towards the children who are very grateful. They decide to find some stronger string in future.