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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the magazine story.

“Nearly done, Oliver?"
"Yes, Duck. Just one more journey to Tidmouth and back."
"Me too. One more run to Arlesburgh, then home. Maybe we'll both get back to our sheds before the storm arrives."
"I hope so.”
―Duck and Oliver

Blown Away is the ninth episode of the twentieth series.


A thunderstorm is headed to Sodor. Arlesburgh Harbour is at the greatest risk of damage. Skiff and his captain, Joe, are checking the harbour to make sure everything is secure. Skiff encounters Duck and Oliver, who are making passenger runs before the storm. They advise him to stay sheltered, but he still has work to do. He is offended when Duck calls him a "tiny little railboat," despite Duck not intending to insult him.

Joe is about to take Skiff back to the boathouse when a man comes up to him and expresses his concern about the possibility of the pirate ship being damaged in the storm. Joe decides to check on the ship from the lighthouse and leaves Skiff alone, anchoring him to the track.

Meanwhile, Duck and Oliver are still taking passengers home. Duck still needs to make one more run to Arlesburgh, while Oliver needs to make a run to Tidmouth and back. Both hope that they can get back to the sheds before the storm arrives, but are doubtful.

Finally, the storm reaches the harbour. Joe has still not returned, so Skiff cannot do anything. The wind blows his sail loose, causing him to be blown backward. Meanwhile, a tree out on the branch line is hit by lightning, causing it to fall over the tracks. Skiff is still being blown backward when his anchor's rope snaps, blowing him out of the harbour and into the fallen tree. He derails, comes loose from his chassis, and his mast gets stuck under the tree. Duck, having finished for the night, is on his way back to Tidmouth, unaware of the fallen tree. Oliver is going home with Toad in the other direction, also unaware of the tree. Skiff hears Duck and tries to warn him, but his voice is drowned out by the wind. He decides to try to free his sail so he can use it as a warning flag. Suddenly, he hears Oliver coming from the other direction. Realising he has to stop them both, Skiff manages to free his sail. Duck and Oliver see him and brake, stopping just in front of the tree. Both engines praise Skiff for his bravery.

The next morning, Harvey is clearing up the debris when the Fat Controller arrives and praises Skiff. He, Duck, Oliver, and Toad all believe Skiff deserves an award and give him three cheers.






  • Duck and the Slip Coaches' wheels are not rendered properly as they are transparent when they are about to crash into Skiff.
  • When Duck pulls up to the station as the narrator says "Duck and Oliver worked hard," Duck stops even though he is pulling Slip Coaches.
  • Just before Duck pulls up behind Skiff, the light from his lamp can be spotted on the right of the screen, but it is not moving even though Duck still is.
  • At a wide shot at Bluff's Cove, Oliver's lips move when it is Duck who is speaking.
  • Skiff's sail clips through the tree when he crashes.
  • When Oliver says "Definitely!", Toad briefly disappears.

In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Soprado para Longe
Czech Odfouknutý
Dutch Weggeblazen
French Skiff et la tempête
Hebrew נישא ברוח
Hungarian Szélvihar
Italian Spazzato via
Japanese スキフとあらしのよる
Korean 폭풍 부는 날
Latin American Spanish La Ventisca
Polish Sztorm nad Sodorem
Romanian Suflat de Vânt
Russian Герой Скиф
Serbian Oduvani
Slovenian Hudo neurje
Turkish Rüzgar'da Savrulmak

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