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There have been several boats that have appeared throughout the series, which were used as background stock around the harbours of Sodor and abroad.


This article is about 'the tug boats that have appeared in the television series'. You may be looking for 'the other tug boat that appeared in the magazine story'.

There are various different tugboats that have been seen around the harbours of Sodor.



Other Boats

There are various different types of boats ranging from different sizes that have been seen around every harbour and seaside town. 

These boats include dinghies, yachts, schooners, fishing boats, sailing boats, row boats, steam-boats, lifeboats and cargo boats.




Speedboats (also known as motorboats) are a type of boat which is powered by an engine.

There is one speedboat that is based at a hut which rents speedboats. The Fat Controller and his grandchildren, Stephen and Bridget, once took a ride in it, but the ride was too bumpy for the Fat Controller's liking.


Speedboats have been seen in many liveries.


Magazine Stories

Non-rail vehicles

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