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“What Diesel said about the Curse of the Cliffs must be true? I shall get lost in the fog, and never be seen again!”

Bold and Brave is the twenty-first episode of the ninth series.


Summer is approaching the Island of Sodor and Thomas is asked by the Fat Controller to collect deck chairs and windbreaks for the beach. However, Diesel tells Thomas of the "curse of the cliffs," which brings heavy fog down on the cliffs and causes the first engine of the holiday season that goes round the headland to disappear. This ends up worrying Thomas, especially when Harold warns him of fog near the headlands. This ends up leaving Thomas frightened.

Thomas later finds Ben outside of a tunnel; Diesel had told him that a monster is lurking inside. Thomas goes to investigate and hears a strange noise and sees two eyes in the tunnel. However, he finds that the eyes are actually lights and the noise is really a generator powering them. Ben thanks Thomas and goes on with his job.

Thomas puffs onwards, still afraid of Diesel's warning of the "Curse of the Cliffs." He soon comes across the fog while puffing towards the headlands, but thinks that what Diesel told Ben was not right. Thomas thinks he might be wrong about it as well and bravely goes on. Suddenly, the mist rolls away and makes Thomas realise that Diesel must have been trying to scare him. Thomas then states that he should not listen to Diesel and only listen to himself.




  • Going by production order, this is the ninth episode of the ninth series.
  • This is the first episode in which Ben appears without Bill and the second in which one of the twins appears without the other after the third series episode, Oliver Owns Up.
  • This episode marks the last of two things:
  • A deleted scene from the book, Thomas Is Not Afraid of the Dark shows that James and Percy were originally meant to have roles. 


  • When the narrator says "Soon the seaside station was up ahead" Thomas is seen with his unhappy face even though he has passed the misty cliffs.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Arabic جريئ وشجاع
Chinese Mandarin 大胆和勇敢
Croatian Hrabar i odvažan
Czech Odvážný Tomáš
Danish Tapre Thomas Tog
Dutch Kloek en Kranig
Finnish Ylpeä ja Urhea
French Même pas peur
German Diesels Märchenstunde
Hungarian A Sziklaszirt Átka
Italian Audace e Coraggioso
Japanese ゆうかんなトーマス
Korean 절벽의 저주
Latin Spanish Valiente y Audaz
Norwegian Modige Thomas
Polish Odważny Tomek
Portuguese Valente e audaz
Romanian Îndrăzneală și Curaj
Russian Сильный и смелый
Scottish Gaelic Tapaidh is Treun
Serbian Samouveren i Hrabar
Spanish Inteligente y Valiente
Swedish Den modige Thomas
Turkish Cesur ve Cesur

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