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Bold and Brave (Also known as Volume 8) is a South African DVD featuring one seventh series episode and two eighth series episodes narrated by Michael Angelis.


Thomas & Friends are back with 30 minutes of non-stop new stories. Meet the Steam Team in their new adventures on the beautiful Island of Sodor.


  1. Halloween: It's Halloween on the island of Sodor. The Fat Controller has an important job for Thomas and Emily. They must collect a delivery of iron from the Smelter's yard. Percy warns them about ghosts at the Smelters yard but Thomas and Emily are feeling brave. The hot smoke and strange noises of Smelters yard are spookier than they had imagined however and soon they are not feeling so brave. Arry and Bert are lurking nearby and decide to scare Thomas and Emily. This makes the two engines even more frightened. When Emily accidentally gets covered with a large white tarpaulin, Thomas thinks she's a ghost, as do Arry and Bert! Emily thinks she has been caught by a ghost and together they all race from the shed towards Tidmouth Sheds. At the sheds, Percy points out the "ghost" is in fact Emily and suddenly things are not scary anymore!
  2. Trusty Rusty (Redubbed Music): Rusty discovers a bridge that needs repairing. The little diesel engine tells everyone that it is too dangerous to cross. Duncan doesn't want to listen to a diesel and crosses the bridge anyway. But Duncan breaks down and the bridge starts to collapse under him. Rusty races to the rescue and tows Duncan off the bridge. Duncan will listen to Rusty in the future.
  3. You Can Do it, Toby!: Toby is given the job of taking milk across the island of Sodor. His journey takes him up Gordon's Hill. Its very steep and Toby finds it very hard. Gordon heads up the hill behind Toby with his express train. Gordon gets stuck and Edward is sent to help him. Gordon huffs at Toby, telling him that he's not a proper engine and that he must go faster. This makes Toby sad. The next day, The Fat Controller tells Toby that he must work in Edward's place at the docks. Work at the docks is hard and heavy and Toby is nervous - Especially in case another engine needs help getting up the Hill. Toby works hard until Gordon and his express get stuck on the hill again. Gordon is not impressed when Toby is sent to help, but Thomas assures Toby that he can do it! He pushes and pushes and helps Gordon up the hill. Even Gordon is impressed and Toby feels like a "proper" engine after all.

Learning Segments

  1. Guess the Engine - Emily
  2. What Makes Percy Feel Better?


  1. Ode to Gordon (Short version)
  2. Engine Roll Call


  • The episodes, songs and learning segments paired on the DVD are the same as when they were paired on the half-hour TV format airing "Confidence".


  • Halloween is titled "Thomas' Halloween" on the back cover.

DVD Boxset


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