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“Rusty: "Because of a big boulder. I think it's watching me."
Percy: "How can it be? Boulders don't have eyes."
Rusty: "That's as may be Percy, but there's something strange about this one."”
Rusty and Percy[src]

Boulder is a giant mysterious boulder who lives up high in the mountains of Sodor.


Thomas & Friends

Its home was found by the Skarloey Railway, who then preceded to build a quarry on the cliff-side below it. Rusty was suspicious of it and thought that it may have been watching him. Later, the drilling into the mountain by Thumper caused vibrations that shook Boulder loose from its perch and sent him down onto the tracks, creating a path of destruction along the Skarloey Railway, finally stopping by destroying the standard gauge sheds. After this, Sir Topham Hatt closed the quarry and had Boulder moved to a new mountain, close by the yards. It still stands there to this day. Rusty is sure that, on a clear night, it’s gazing high up at the mountains in the distance and that its sighs are being carried on to the wind where it once used to stand, proud and silent.

Boulder is perfectly spherical and has moss clinging to him in some places. A mysterious face sometimes appears on it.


Its personality is described as proud and silent.




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