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There are many 4-wheel branch line coaches that belong to the North Western Railway and other international railways.

These coaches are based on LBSC Stroudley Coaches, like Annie and Clarabel. Several of these coaches are preserved on the Bluebell Railway.

Main Coaches

Toby's Museum Coach

Toby's Museum Coach is a branch line brake coach.


Toby once used this coach to take some important visitors to the opening ceremony of the Sodor Museum. Percy later used this coach to take Allicia Botti to a party.


Toby's museum coach is painted dark brown with cream lining, a white roof and white wheel rims.



  • Toby's museum coach was remodeled from a red brake coach.
  • Although only a brake coach appeared in the series, the Bachmann models depict both a standard composite coach and a brake coach.


Thomas' Green Coaches

Whenever Thomas travels around the world, he often takes a pair of green coaches with him, which he uses for collecting passengers instead of Annie and Clarabel.

Thomas had them decorated with ribbons for a wedding in Greece.




International Coaches

In Big World! Big Adventures!, some coaches were seen in China being pulled by Thomas. These coaches were red with orange lines on their sides. These were also pulled by one of the mean engines in the twenty-fourth series episode, Yong Bao and the Tiger.

A pair of yellow coaches with white rooftops later appeared in India in the twenty-second series. However, their sides were painted green with yellow patches. Their buffers and buffer beams were also painted yellow. They are alternatively seen with the green as pale blue and the yellow as tan, a flipped colour palette from the Blue Narrow Gauge Coaches. Silver Italian coaches have been seen, with teal green sides and cyan lines.

Other Coaches

Several other coaches have also appeared. In Hero of the Rails and the thirteenth series episode, The Lion of Sodor, a brown brake coach with a grey rooftop was in the sidings at Knapford.

In the magazine story, Rain or Shine, two yellow coaches with grey rooftops appeared and were pulled by Thomas and Percy.

A white, yellow, dark green, dark blue, black and purple coaches were featured in the game Lift, Load and Haul on the Official Website.


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