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This article is about the bridge spanning the single-track tunnel. You may be looking for the bridge over the double-track tunnel.
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Bridge over Single-Track Tunnel Runby is a railway bridge crossing over a single-track tunnel underneath. It first appeared in the opening sequence for Series 8 and was recreated in CGI for the thirteenth series. Its exact location is unknown but however, in opening sequence map for Series 8, it was seen that it located northeast of Tower Windmill and it is located near a bridge and canal and a junction leading to Henry's Forest. The line is also deemed the quickest way to Peel Godred as stated in Thomas and the Shooting Star.



  • The map of Sodor which appears at the start of the intro indicates that the tunnel is located on the Peel Godred Branch Line and passes under the Culdee Fell Railway, however this is not possible as Gordon and James are seen crossing the bridge on standard gauge tracks. However the existence of the aforementioned railway in the television series is never confirmed so the tracks above might be the standard gauge ones. The episode Thomas and the Shooting Star implies that it is located on the Peel Godred Branch Line as Thomas passes it on his way to the power plant whis is located at Peel Godred.