“It's a very special bridge because it breaks in half!"
"What use is a broken bridge?”
―Lorry 2 and Thomas

Broken Bridges is a magazine story.


One morning, Thomas pulls up at a level crossing as Lorry 1 and 2 clatter rudely over the crossing. They bump around, spilling some of their sand and cement over the line. The lorries explain that they are making an urgent delivery to the building site of a new bridge by the sea. They go on to explain that the bridge can split in two. Thomas is puzzled; the only broken bridge he can remember is the one that Bulgy had got wedged under. As Thomas sets off, he looks for different types of bridges. First, Thomas passes a footbridge. Next, he rumbles over the big viaduct and sees a castle with a drawbridge.

For weeks Lorry 1 and 2 carry heavy loads to the new bridge. At last, the bridge is ready. Thomas takes the Fat Controller and some other passengers to watch the Mayor open it. Caroline is chosen to be the first car to cross the new bridge. As she rumbles slowly over it, Thomas warns her to be careful. Below the bridge, a cargo ship waits. Suddenly, the bridge splits in the middle and rises up to let the ship steam past. The bridge lowers and then joins together again. Thomas thinks it is just like a drawbridge and even if it does break in half, it soon fixes itself.





  • Engines have the right of way at a level crossing.
  • Bulgy is missing his "Free the Roads" signs.
  • Lorry 1 and 2's registration plates have their whole names written rather than the abbreviations "Lor 1" and "Lor 2" respectively.


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