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“Give me a "brake!" Get it?”
― Bruno's joke, Shake, Rattle and Bruno

Bruno is a red autistic brake car with strong brakes who helps the engines with heavy deliveries.


When the light at Vicarstown Lighthouse broke, Gordon tasked Bruno with assisting Diesel with the delivery to dissuade him from taking any silly risks. Wanting to take the fastest possible route, Diesel went through Crumble Canyon - ignoring Bruno's warning about avalanches - and the two were trapped by fallen rocks. After clearing the rocks from the tracks with the noise of their wheels against the rails, the two eventually managed to reach the lighthouse in time.[3]

During the Tri-and-a-Half-a Lon at The Maintenance Yard, Bruno did not participate, but was present on the sidelines along with Emily, Annie and Clarabel to support his friends.[4]

During Christmas, Bruno joined Thomas, Percy, Annie and Clarabel on the Christmas tour around Sodor while Gordon searched for a substitute Christmas tree after Bulstrode broke down. Later on, when Gordon was unable to find a suitable replacement tree, Bruno joined Thomas and Percy in searching for something else they could use as their Christmas expert. After multiple failed attempts, Thomas came up with the idea to decorate Lookout Mountain. So that Bruno's star could be seen at the top of the mountain, Thomas asked Sandy built a bigger star, with Bruno's star in the centre.[5]

When the Biggest Adventure Club were solving the mystery of the mines, Bruno was part of the Lookout Mountaineers: a group searching for an entrance to the old tunnels at Lookout Mountain comprised of himself, Thomas, Percy and Sandy. While taking a break after being overstimulated when Percy lost the Biggest Adventure Machine, Bruno discovered tracks behind the waterfall which led to the Lookout Mountain Mines. In the mines, Bruno also played a role in saving the quartet from falling off a broken track and was the one to figure out that the engines were chasing echoes when looking for the Biggest Adventure Machine in the Turntable Cavern. Following their adventure, Bruno told the story to Sir Topham Hatt and Emily, later accompanying them to the reopening of the Lookout Mountain Mines.[6]


Bruno is described as being smart, relaxed and joyful. He loves making puns and will often use comedy to get through difficult situations. As a brake van, Bruno travels facing backwards at the rear of the train and thus has a unique perspective on the world.

Bruno is also Autistic; as a result, he is detail-oriented and likes routine. Bruno in particular likes schedules and timetables, and memorises where all the tracks on the Island lead. For this reason, he is often entrusted with guiding more rambunctious engines such as Diesel and Kana. He also has a special interest in people, his favourite type being mechanics.[7]

Bruno will often emote using his stepladders, which he flaps when sad or excited, or his lantern. He is also sensitive to loud noises and, when stressed out by them, will produce large ear defenders made of steam from his smokejack. Additionally, Bruno has difficulty maintaining eye contact and will usually be looking at his surroundings rather than whoever he is talking to - this does not mean he is not listening, however.

Technical Details[]


Bruno has no known specific basis, however his design is inspired by various wooden-bodied centre-cupola North American cabooses. The Sodor Line Cabooses, which appeared in Thomas & Friends merchandise and books share the same inspiration, however with four wheels (known as a "Bobber Caboose") rather than eight like Bruno has.


Bruno is painted red with a cream stripe around his sides and cream window frames. His number (43) is painted on his sides in yellow with a dark red outline. His bufferbeams, valences and running board are all yellow, while his buffer holds and coupling hook bases are red. He has three yellow chevrons on the back of him.

Bruno's prototype design depicts him with a grey roof, smokejack and wheels, while his handrails, buffer housings and coupling blocks are yellow.


Official Description[]

From Official Media:[1]

Bruno the Brilliant Brake Car: Bruno travels backward, which suits his unique view of the world. He loves schedules and routine and really, really, really dislikes surprises.

Fun Fact: When Bruno gets excited, his lantern spins and flashes.


  • Bruno is the first of a few things:
    • The first character in Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go to be recognised as being autistic.
      • However, he is the second charcater overall in the franchise to have autism, with the first being Theo.
    • The first and currently only new rolling stock character created exclusively for All Engines Go.
    • The first character in All Engines Go who is not a steam engine to have a number.
  • Bruno is the second character to wear the number 43, the first being Ace.
  • Bruno is the only of a few things in the Biggest Adventure Club:
    • The only rolling stock character to be a part of the club.
    • The only member of the club not introduced in the first series.
    • The only member of the club not to appear in the theme song.
    • The only male member of the club not created by Wilbert Awdry.
    • The only member of the club whose Push Along toy does not have printed wheel designs.
  • Bruno's number 43 originates from the year in which the modern description of autism was first identified, 1943.[9]
  • The two digits of his #43 are in different fonts. The #4 is taken from Gordon's tender, while the #3 is taken from Henry's.
  • During early production, Bruno was originally named Bruce.[9] This was later changed to Bruno at some point before June 2021.[10]
    • According to Daniel Share-Strom, the name was changed to avoid legal action from a restaurant named The Bruce Caboose.[11]
  • Bruno is one of Daniel Share-Strom's favourite characters alongside Sandy.[12]
  • According to Share-Strom, Bruno is referred to as a brake car rather than a caboose so as to stick with United Kingdom terminology.[13] Ironically, the term "brake car" is not used in either the United Kingdom or the United States, with the correct term for the former country being brake van.
  • Much like Annie, Clarabel and the Troublesome Trucks, Bruno is capable of moving short distances on his own despite being unpowered rolling stock, though he is usually pulled by the engines.
  • Bruno was seen on Newsround along with his UK voice actor, Elliott Garcia.[14]
  • Bruno was mid-development while the first half of the second series was being written and did not have a finalised character for other writers to work with. Because of this, he appears much less frequently than in the second half of the series onwards.[15]