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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the magazine story.

“Bust my buffers!"
"I think you have.”
―Bill and Ben

Buffer Bother is the nineteenth episode of the sixth series.


Bill and Ben have been working hard in the quarry. One day, the Fat Controller comes to inspect the quarry's engines; he discovers Mavis and Bill are in satisfactory condition, but finds that Ben's buffers are damaged and the Fat Controller sends him to the works to have replacement buffers fitted. Bill - feeling jealous - tells Ben that he only needs new buffers because he is clumsy which results in a fight. Mavis scolds them for being grouchy and Bill goes back to work while Ben leaves.

Bill, still thinking of Ben's new buffers, becomes careless, slams a truck into buffers mounted on a wall, causing him to knock a pipe into his funnel and sneeze it out. He tries thinking about birds, trees and anything that might make him forget about Ben's new buffers, but it is no use. Mavis tells him to be happy that he is in working order (and not in need of new buffers), but Bill simply huffs and wheeshes soot all over Mavis by accident.

When the trucks overhear that Bill is cross about Ben getting new buffers, they start teasing him, making him crosser still. Bill tries to stop the trucks from their teasing by bumping them, but accidentally reverses into a ditch with a truck behind him and damages his buffers in the process. Ben arrives from the works with a new pair of shiny buffers and sees his twin's predicament. When the Breakdown Train arrives to rescue Bill, the Fat Controller scolds him for his misbehaviour and tells him that before he gets new buffers, he must learn how it is important to be responsible and reliable.

Once back on the rails, Bill compliments his twin on his new buffers and the two properly make up for their quarrel.




  • The working title for this episode was Bill and Ben's Excellent Adventure, which would have been a reference to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, which happens to star George Carlin.
  • In several ways, this episode is similar to the episode earlier in this series episode, Twin Trouble:
    • They are both alliteratively titled episodes with two words.
    • They are both about one of the railway's pair of twins.
    • Bill's accident in the climax of the episode is very similar to Donald's accident.
  • This is the first episode to not feature any members of the soon-to-be-established Steam Team, nor the Skarloey Railway engines.
  • The LT warehouse from TUGS and Elizabeth's Shed appear at the quarry.
  • Mavis has Derek's horn sound in this episode.
  • In the UK dub, when Mavis breaks up Bill and Ben’s argument, she scolds them for being grouchy. While in the US dub, she instead calls them crab pots.


  • When the narrator says "Ben was happy," Ben's face moves.
  • When Ben says "But you don't need new buffers." his eyes are wonky.
  • When Mavis says "Be careful and stop thinking about Ben's new buffers," a wire is seen inside her cab.
  • When the trucks tease Bill one has wonky eyes, while the others (except for one) has scratched eyes.
  • When Bill says "I might not have new buffers, but I still know how to biff a truck," he reverses and passes Mavis. However in the next shot when Mavis says "No!" Bill passes her again.
  • When Bill falls into the ditch, his eyes are wonky.
  • When Bill talks to the Fat Controller, his eye jolt a few times.


Ben: I'm going to get new buffers!
Bill: (envious of his twin) Well, I should get new buffers too. We're twins, we do everything together.
Ben: But you don't need new buffers.
Bill: You're only getting new buffers because you're clumsy!
Ben: No, I'm not!
Bill: Yes, you are!
Ben: No, I'm not!
Bill: Yes, you are!
Mavis: Will you two stop being grouchy/crab pots?!

Bill: [with his new buffers, finds his twin stuck in the pit with damaged buffers] Bust my buffers!
Ben: I think you have.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 缓冲区烦恼
Czech Trápení s nárazníky
Danish Bill og Bens fantastiske eventyr
Dutch Nieuwe stootblokken
Hungarian Ütköző gondok
Italian I Respingenti Nuovi
Japanese くるまどめのもんだい
Korean 샘이 난 빌
Norwegian Buffer-bråk
Polish Odbojnikowy Problem
Romanian Fraţi de Amortizoare
Russian Брат по буферу
Slovenian Polomljeni Odbijači
Swedish Buffertbesvär
Welsh Byffars Newydd

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