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“You weren't concentrating, Thomas. Lucky for you that the buffers were there."
"That's what buffers are for; to stop engines from crashing.”
―James and Thomas, Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Buffers or buffer stops are devices designed to prevent rolling stock from going past the end of a section of track. The buffers themselves are made of rubber, plastic or metal, and the buffer beam and stand are generally made of wood.

Although buffer stops are made to prevent derailments, they can occasionally break if an engine goes too fast and crashes into them. Thomas once damaged his front by charging towards the buffers while showing off his race with Bertie to Jinty (Oliver in the TV series) and Percy broke two different sets of buffers, one of which led him into a pile of coal. Donald and Douglas also had their own mishaps with a set of buffers.

Sometimes, if a siding has no buffers for the line to end on, serious accidents will occur, such as when Thomas crashed into a stationmasters house when the siding he was on had no buffers to stop him. Duck also had a mishap when he crashed into a barber shop when there were no buffers at the end.




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