This article is about 'the 2004 magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the 2006/2012 or 2013 magazine story'.
“Good news! You're back on the road!”
―The Fat Controller

Bulgy's Back! is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


The engines love showing visitors around the Island, but one day there is a problem; Thomas and Emily are being repaired. The Fat Controller is concerned that they have plenty of passengers and no free engines. Thomas quips that it is a "double-decker problem" which gives Sir Topham Hatt an idea.

The Fat Controller goes to see Bulgy, who had been turned into a henhouse after he caused trouble. The Fat Controller tells Bulgy that he is getting back on the road. Bulgy is delighted and he rumbles off to the works for a good clean.

That night, as Bulgy dreams of all the passengers, the hens creep back on board him and go to sleep in his luggage racks. When the passengers board Bulgy the next day, they do not notice the hens until Bulgy hits a bump in the road. The hens wake up and cover the passengers in feathers and broken eggs. The passengers then complain to the Fat Controller, who is not too displeased. He tells Bulgy that he can help the farmer deliver his vegetables all over the Island. Bulgy is happy; no more hens and no more passengers. He now has smart green paintwork and a new serving hatch. Bulgy likes carrying vegetables; they do not lay eggs and they never complain.





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