This article is about 'the 2013 magazine story'. You may be looking for 'the 2004 or 2006/2012 magazine story'.
“Business is back to normal!"
"And I'm back to being full of hens again!”
―Bertie and Bulgy

Bulgy's Back is a magazine story.


Bertie has never been so busy with carrying people to and from the stations. Bertie is not the only one to be rushed off his wheels; Thomas is too. Thomas has lots of friends to help him, but Bertie has no-one.

Later, on his journey, Thomas spots bad-tempered Bulgy in the field. Thomas thinks that a big bus like Bulgy would be the answer to Bertie's troubles. Later, Thomas sees Bertie again and suggests that they ask if Bulgy can be put back in service.

Soon, the bus depot manager and the Fat Controller arrange everything. Thomas is sent to collect Bulgy on a flat-truck and take him to be repainted and repaired. Bulgy is very pleased at the prospect of being full of passengers instead of hens.

To start with, Bulgy behaves well and Bertie is delighted. Before long, Bulgy is back to his bad-tempered behaviour, boasting that he is faster than trains. He takes his passengers on a shortcut down a lane and into a stream. The stream is deeper than Bulgy anticipated and his engine stops as he ploughs into the water. All of Bulgy's passengers are stranded until Terence arrives to pull Bulgy clear. The passengers then travel to their destination with Bertie.

Bulgy is towed back to the field to be used as a hen-house again. Next time Thomas and Bertie meet, it is by Bulgy's field. They are glad to be back to normal; Bulgy is not so happy.





  • In the first illustration, Annie's running board is too large and the base of Thomas' whistle is gold instead of blue.
  • This magazine story was published in 2013, meaning that Bulgy should have already been turned into a green bus delivering vegetables.


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