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This article is about 'the landmark'. You may be looking for 'the magazine story'.
“So this was his shortcut!”

"Bulgy's Bridge" is the nickname given to a bridge on the Little Western that Bulgy once got stuck under and damaged.


The Railway Series

The bridge is the second bridge south of Haultraugh station. In 1969, Bulgy stole Duck and Oliver's passengers to show that the roadways were better than the railways. In order to reach his destination quicker, Bulgy used a shortcut which involved crossing under this bridge. Bulgy, however, was too tall to fit under the bridge and got wedged stuck and damaged the bridge. Duck, however, was able get the passengers home. Bulgy was later removed from underneath the bridge and left to be a henhouse for some hens in a field half a mile north of Haultraugh station, named "Bulgy's Field".

Thomas & Friends

As in the Railway Series, Bulgy got stuck under this bridge. When he was removed from under it, he was placed in an adjacent field and the bridge was fixed by securing the broken middle section to the rest of the bridge using wooden boards. Stepney once stopped on the top of the bridge to watch a cricket match in the nearby cricket field.

Behind The Scenes

The model used for Bulgy's Bridge was recycled for several other bridges seen around Sodor. The bridge was seen with a single railway line running underneath it in the fifth series episode, Lady Hatt's Birthday Party and the eighth series episodes, Don't Tell Thomas and Gordon Takes Charge. The bridge was also used as a tunnel that the workmen were working on in the fifth series episode, Thomas and the Rumours. That same tunnel also appeared in Happy Ever After.



  • In its debut episode, the bridge has a sign that reads 14' 9" for clearance. But since the fourth series, the sign has been removed.
  • In the special, Thomas and the Magic Railroad, the wide shot of the bridge shows a railway line and another bridge beside the bridge.
  • A running gag throughout the series is that the bridge has still not been properly repaired; the broken section was merely secured to the rest of the bridge with wooden boards.