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“Bulls always run away if you toot and look at them in the eye, eh, Daisy?”
―Toby teasing Daisy

Bulls Eyes is the twenty-first episode of the fourth series. It is based on the story of the same name from the Railway Series book Branch Line Engines.


Toby's cowcatchers and side plates are designed to prevent animals from getting hurt if they stray onto the line, but Daisy thinks they look ridiculous and believes that Toby is simply afraid of getting hurt himself. She tells Toby that any animal - even something as big as a bull - will always run away if she toots her horn and looks them in the eye, despite Toby's insistence that they will not. Later that day, Daisy is asked by a policeman to guide a stray bull back to his farmer. She sets off, eager to prove to Toby that she can handle bulls, despite the fact she has never actually encountered one before.

Although not usually very fierce, Champion the bull had been cross that morning, which resulted in him crashing through the fence and sliding down the valley onto the line. Just as he begins to eat the nearby grass, Daisy arrives and toots for him to move. Despite several attempts, Champion ignores her and continues eating. Eventually, he notices Daisy and advances curiously towards her. Daisy becomes unnerved, as the bull is not running away as she expected him to. Her driver assures her that Champion is harmless, but Daisy is worried that she might be hurt (though she tries to hide this). Champion then sniffs at Daisy, which proves to be the last straw as Daisy retreats back to the station.

Toby soon learns about what happened and goes to shoo Champion away himself, although not without reminding a now silent and embarrassed Daisy that a bull should always run away if they look one in the eye. Although Toby's bell and whistle prove ineffective against the still-grazing bull, he eventually retreats after Toby blows steam at him and reunites with the farmer further down the line. Later that evening, Daisy feels exhausted but glad that her day's work is over. Some boys at the platform then tease her with some "Bull's Eyes" sweets. Annoyed, Daisy shrugs off the joke and leaves to rest in her shed.




  • Going by production order, this is the twenty-second episode of the fourth series and the 100th episode of the show.
  • Despite its placement in the fourth series, this episode takes place between the second series episodes, Daisy and Percy's Predicament, which is where it was in the Railway Series, as the narrator said Daisy had never met a bull.
  • Although the US dub was never released on DVD, a clip from the episode was shown on Sir Topham Hatt's Scrapbook bonus feature on Salty's Secret, New Friends for Thomas, Thomas and the Special Letter, Henry and the Elephant, and Engine Friends DVDs. The full episode was finally released for digital download on Amazon in 2016.
  • A photograph from this episode was released as a Royal Mail stamp in 2011 to mark the Reverend Awdry's Centenary.
  • Bulls-Eyes are a popular candy treat from Baltimore Maryland; they are caramel round with a vanilla center.
  • The sweets appear to be black and white beads.
  • This episode aired alongside the second series episode, Percy's Predicament on Storytime with Thomas.
  • This episode marks a few things for Daisy:
  • This marks the first time Toby's whistle is heard. It is Percy's, but two steps lower-pitched.
  • Daisy has BoCo's original horn sound. It is Diesel's, but in a lower pitch. BoCo will regain it in the next episode until his last appearance.
  • This is the last episode to reuse music from the Clearwater Features era with the Roland Jupiter 6 synthesizer. This only happens during Daisy's theme.
  • This episode marks the only episode of two things:
    • The only appearance of the Castellated Tunnel in the television series.
    • Daisy's only speaking role in the fourth series.
  • The horse and cart rider are based on an illustration from The Little Old Engine.


  • In the Hindi dub, Michael Angelis is credited as the narrator, even though it was re-dubbed.
  • After James puffs past Toby with coaches, the camera cuts to Daisy for about five seconds and then cuts back to Toby, but James is nowhere to be seen.
  • Daisy's left eye is slightly off after she passes the level crossing.
  • When the policeman warns Daisy about Champion, the guard does not have a mouth.
  • When Champion looks around, a small box can be seen at the entrance of the tunnel.
  • Daisy's eye-mechanism is visible in several shots:
    • After the policeman tells Daisy about Champion.
    • When Champion sniffs at her.
  • After Daisy says, "Keep your old bull's eyes!" she turns at the points, but in the shot after that, she is turning again.
  • During the opening scenes at Elsbridge, Daisy has a Co-Bo wheel arrangement (thought to be BoCo's chassis).
  • When Toby meets Daisy in her shed, her face is falling off.
  • When Toby comes out of the tunnel, his eyes are wonky.


Daisy: You're afraid of getting hurt yourself.
Toby: I'm not!
Daisy: (Yes), you are. I don't have stupid cowcatchers, but I'm not frightened. I'd just toot, and they'd all go away.
Toby: But they don't.
Daisy: They would with me. Animals run if they toot and look them in the eye.
Toby: Even bulls?
Daisy: Even bulls.

Daisy: Pooh! It's easy. I just toot and they all stand aside. Poor little Toby. I'm sorry he's frightened.

Policeman: There's a bull on the line. Please persuade it to return to the farmer.
Daisy: [excitedly] Now, I'll show Toby how to manage bulls.

Champion: [after having escaped his field and saw grass] Now for my breakfast.
Daisy: Oo-o-oo! Go on. [Champion is too busy eating but tries again] Oo-o-oo!
[again, it doesn't work]
Daisy: This is all wrong. How can I look him in the eye if he won't turn around?
Champion: [turns around, moves] Moo!
Daisy: Ooh, oh! Why doesn't he run away?
Daisy's Driver: Go on, Daisy. He's harmless.
Daisy: Yes. You know he's harmless and I know he's harmless. But does he know. Look at his horns. If I bump into him, he might hurt, me, them. The farmer wouldn't like that.
(Champion sniffs at Daisy in the face; proving to be the final straw, Daisy reverses)
Daisy: Oooofh!

Toby: Bulls always run if you toot and look them in the eye. Eh, Daisy?
Daisy: .....
Toby: Ah, well. We can live and learn. I better chase him away for you I suppose.

Boy: Look, Daisy. I got some sweets, they're called "Bull's Eyes"! I like them. Do you?
Daisy: Aw, keep your old "Bull's Eyes"! [leaves to rest in her shed]


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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese O Touro
Chinese Mandarin 公牛的眼睛
Czech Oči Býka
Danish Tyreøjne
Dutch Stieren
Finnish Härän Silmät
German Ein Stier auf dem Gleis
Greek Το βλεμμα του ταύρου
Hungarian Daisy és a Bika
Italian Occhi di Bue
Japanese デイジーとおうしのめだま
Korean 황소의 눈
Latin American Spanish Mírame a los Ojos
Norwegian Okseøyne
Polish Oczy Byka (Original)
Bycze Oczy (Alternate)
Romanian Ochi de Taur
Russian Глаза быка
Slovenian Bikove Oči
Swedish Tjarögat
Ukrainian Бичачi очi
Welsh Helo Hen Darw

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