Bulstrode the Engine is a magazine story published in November 1998.


Bulstrode wants to be an engine so he can go to the station. The stationmaster thinks otherwise, knowing that the barge will have no chance as he cannot run on rails. Soon, it starts to rain, and the river-level beside the station begins to rise. Thomas sees Bulstrode, trying to encourage him; but Bulstrode is very concerned about the floodwater, likewise is the Fat Controller.

Then eventually, the next day, the schoolchildren find themselves stranded at the station due to the floods. Bulstrode sees his chance and comes into the flooded station, with the stationmaster giving a special announcement making Bulstrode at last feel like an engine.



  • A reference to Special Attraction is made as this story follows on from the events, stating that Bulstrode was a 'special attraction' on the beach.
  • Unlike his personality in the forementioned episode, Bulstrode is kind, helpful, and very friendly.
“Welcome to the Steamworks, my friend!”
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