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Buses are road vehicles that can transport many passengers.

Many of the buses on Sodor are owned by Sodor Roadways and provide a connection to the railways by picking up and dropping off passengers. There are several known buses, such as Bertie, Bulgy and Algy.


The Railway Series

A double-decker bus was at Elsbridge when Thomas and Gordon were talking. [1]

When Percy collided into the luggage trolley, a double-decker bus was seen on the bridge above. The bus had an advertisement for The Railway Series book, Troublesome Engines. [2]

Toby's Old Tramway went bankrupt due to the buses taking over Toby's work. One of these buses was a green bus.[3]

Thomas & Friends

Two single-deckers buses were at Knapford Bus Yard when Thomas and Bertie were talking. [4]

Buses are seen at the various stations around Sodor, such as Tidmouth and Tidmouth Hault, where they drop off and pick up passengers.

Some of these buses have also been seen at special events. A double-decker bus was once seen at a church fête [5]. Two single-decker buses were also seen at Tidmouth Sheds when City of Truro visited Sodor. [6] A single-decker bus was also seen at Bluebell Valley where a welcome for Stepney was held. [7]

Magazines and Annuals

Two double-decker buses were introduced; the Special Bus Service and the The Open-Topped Double-Decker Bus. A single-decker hospital bus was also introduced.

A bus with a digital sign reading 401 was at Wellsworth Bus Yard while Bertie was having snow removed from him. [8]

Technical Details


Many of the single-decker buses are based on AEC Regal "T Class" London Country Area buses. Eight of these buses are known to survive in preservation. One of these buses, T31, is believed to have been the first bus to be privately preserved in England. Bertie, the green bus and the are also based on this bus. Prior to being rebuilt, Algy was also based on this bus. A red and blue bus are based on a Daimler CVD6SD bus. Algy is also based on this bus.

Many of the double-decker buses are based on AEC Bridgemaster buses. Bulgy, his friend, the Special Bus Service and the Australian Buses are also based on this bus.


In The Railway Series, the single-decker buses are painted in different liveries, such as red and dark blue. The dark blue bus has a triangle painted on its sides in white along with a white rooftop. The double-decker buses owned by Sodor Roadways are also painted in different liveries, such as red and light blue.

In the television series, the buses owned by Sodor Roadways are painted red with silver hubcaps. A double-decker bus once seen at Elsbridge and one seen at the Wellsworth Vicarage Orchard are both painted lime green.

In the magazines and annuals, the buses are painted in different liveries, such as red, blue and orange. One of the red buses has an arrow painted on its sides in yellow.

In the My Thomas Story Library book, "Toby", a red bus has cream window surrounds along with a curved cline painted on its sides in cream. A bus is painted maroon in the book from the same series, "Edward".

The red livery is based on the famous red bus livery used by London Transport.



  • The double-decker bus in the second series episode, "Saved From Scrap", has a Chance & Hunt sign on its sides. This is a British company that handled chemicals, on railways they used special plank wagons with acid jars.


Non-rail vehicles

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