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“Bust my buffers! You're right, Thomas! I was silly to think diesels can't fix steamies and I shouldn't have been so grumpy! We're all really useful engines who should work together!”

Bust My Buffers! is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


One morning, 'Arry and Bert are shunting at Brendam Docks when Gordon puffs along and orders them to move out of his way. The diesels are cross, but Gordon is so busy being snooty that he collides with a truck on his line and his bufferbeam falls off. Den and Dart offer to fix Gordon, but the big engine is adamant that steam engines cannot be fixed by diesels.

When Mavis passes Gordon, she is worried; an engine cannot be useful without its bufferbeam. Gordon reluctantly goes back and allows Den and Dart to fix him. Unfortunately, the new bufferbeam is a yellow and black striped diesel one and Gordon is not happy.

Gordon returns to the docks to pick up his passengers, hoping that no-one will see his odd new bufferbeam. Gordon is forced to explain what happened when Thomas puffs up alongside. Thomas remarks that he did not know steam engines could be fixed by diesels and adds that the new bufferbeam makes Gordon really useful once more. Gordon realises that Thomas is right and decides that steam engines and diesel engines are both really useful engines who should work together.




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