This article is about 'the Chinese DVD'. You may be looking for 'the episode, the German DVD, the book or the magazine story'.

Bust My Buffers is a Chinese DVD featuring five episodes from the sixteenth series.


Gordon the grand engine doesn't feel so grand when he bashes into some trucks at the Docks - and his buffer falls off! When Gordon arrives at the Dieselworks, Den and Dart are worried - Gordon doesn't have a buffer and all engines must have one of those! They offer to give Gordon a yellow and black Diesel buffer, while his own is mended. Gordon is horrified! He is far too grand a Steamie to be seen with a yellow and black buffer. The indignity! So, Gordon hurries away. First he meets Salty and then he meets Mavis. Both engines tell Gordon he can't puff without a buffer! It's not safe. Gordon gives in. He returns to the Docks with a yellow and black Diesel buffer...and very unhappy. Thomas can't think why. The Diesel buffer means Gordon can still be a Really Useful, grand engine. Gordon has to agree. So Gordon - very grandly - huffs to thank Den and Dart for keeping him on the tracks and Really Useful!


  1. Flash Bang Wallop!
  2. Thomas and the Rubbish Train
  3. Thomas Toots the Crows
  4. Bust My Buffers!
  5. Percy and the Calliope


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