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“Whoever caused this disturbance will have me to answer to!”
―The Fat Controller

Bye George! is the seventh episode of the fifth series. It aired back to back with Double Teething Troubles during the second airing of Storytime with Thomas in the US. 


George has been working with the little engines and is waiting for Percy to take him to a new workplace. George is insulting Skarloey and Rheneas when Percy arrives. When they leave, the two engines are pleased to see George go. Percy however is annoyed when George grumbles all the way to an old branch line which is being turned into a new road. Percy is still fuming when he meets Thomas, who advises him to ignore George's rude remarks.

George is enjoying himself as he tears up the old branch line when Thomas races by. George calls to him to admire his work, but Thomas takes no notice. George feels insulted and yells to Thomas he is a useless blue puffball, but Thomas still does not hear. Believing that he was ignored, George vows to pay Thomas back. 

When they reach the crossing that intersects the unused railway with the active one, George deliberately tells the workmen to tarmac it, knowing it is not properly finished. Thomas soon runs through on the same line with a vegetable train; the signalman has forgotten to warn his driver about the tarmacked crossing and Thomas ends up derailing and crashes through a barn.

The next day, Percy explains to Gordon what had happened with his experience with George, but the big engine takes no notice. Later on, George is working in a station yard at Crosby when Duck arrives with some empty trucks. Unfortunately, George is blocking Duck's way while the last truck is still on the points to the main line and the signalman has already set the points for Gordon. Despite Duck's pleas or demands to George to move so he can clear the main line for Gordon, George stubbornly refuses. Before Gordon and the express can be alerted, Gordon (who is already in a hurry) rushes through and hits the truck, launching it into the air and smashing to pieces on the ground, much to Duck's horror.

At the next station, Gordon is worried that the Fat Controller will be cross with him, and he is cross but not with Gordon. The Fat Controller knows that it was not Gordon's fault and declares that whoever is behind all the trouble on the railway will have to answer to him. A few days later, George is found out and punished with being sent to saw wood at the timber yard for an entire week, leaving him feeling miserable. Thomas and Percy arrive to see him and despite the fact that Thomas jokes that George will just be rude as before once his punishment is over, George sports a smile which indicates that he will show his kinder side.




  • This episode marks George's last speaking and leading role to date.
  • Just before Thomas derails, a brake sound effect is heard in the US and international versions of the episode but not the UK version.
  • The picture of Duke from Bulldog is seen in the signal box.
  • The waiter on Gordon's express is the elephant keeper from Henry and the Elephant repainted with the head of the Inspector with the bowler hat.
  • When Gordon says, "I'm the greatest! Just watch me fly by!" the footage is sped up.
  • In the US version, the line "Until Gordon forced it" is heard much earlier in the script than in the UK version and Rheneas’ line, “Rollers are rubbish! So good riddance!” is cut.
  • Duke's old shed can be seen in the background when Thomas and Percy talk to George at the mill.
  • This episode most likely took place during the events of Rusty and the Boulder, as Boulder Quarry was seen in this episode. However, in the aforementioned episode, it was stated it was brand new and was also closed in a short amount of time. Furthermore, George is seen at the digging site, meaning he served his week-long punishment and was brought back to the quarry to help.
  • This marks the only appearances of George's sad face and Skarloey's furious face, both of which were unused from the fourth series.
  • According to the 1998 website, George had his roller taken away for a while after this episode.
  • This was the last episode to use Thomas' original wincing face.
  • Thomas' accident in the episode would later have similar elements to Gordon's accident in the sixth series episode Gordon Takes a Tumble.
  • This and Something in the Air were the only fifth series episodes to not be released on VHS in New Zealand at all. Both episodes would instead appear on The Complete Series 5 DVD.


  • When Percy passes through the fishing village, his train gains a brake van. In addition, when Percy meets up with Thomas, the brake van changes and he loses his lamp, and in Thomas' shot, the model of a driver or a fireman can be seen laying down in the background. 
  • In the close up shot George's eyes appear to have scratches on his pupils.
  • As the narrator says "Thomas didn't hear," the face of the last truck is crooked.
  • Studio equipment is visible at the top screen in Thomas’ point-of-view of the tarmac rails.
  • When Thomas derails at the crossing, he veers to the right, from his point of view. In the next shot, he instead veers to the left.
  • When Thomas breaks through the barn, his wheels appear to have no movement at all.
  • In the shot where Thomas bursts out of the barn, the planks briefly change positions and smoke is suddenly bursting out indicating a film cut.
  • In a long shot of George in the yard, the track which Gordon runs on dead ends.
  • Wires are sticking out of George when he blocks Duck's way and when he is yelling at Thomas.
  • In the shot of the truck flying through the air, it has already lost one pair of wheels, but both pairs are shown coming off when the truck hits the ground.
  • When Gordon races through with the express, studio equipment is visible in the shot from Gordon's point of view.
  • In some shots of Gordon, he is not pulling any coaches.
  • Gordon has Duck's whistle sound when he whistles at the station.
  • In the Danish dub, the last line was said by George instead of the narrator.
  • When the narrator says that George was being rude to Rheneas and Skarloey, they are smiling.
  • In the close up shot of Gordon whistling, his whistle has red stuff on it, and one of his brass fittings appears to be crooked.
  • Percy is shown arriving to pick up George in one of the first few shots, then, after George is done insulting Rheneas and Skarloey, he is shown arriving again.
  • When Skarloey talks to George, his right eye (viewers left) jitters at one point, and his face moves a bit.


[first lines]
George: You're just worn out wheels on worn out rails!
Skarloey: You need rocks for your roads, and we're helping you.
George: I need to flatten little engines in the scrapyards.
[Percy arrives to collect George]
George: Railways are no good! Turn 'em into roads!
Narrator: [referring to Rheneas and Skarloey] The little engines were pleased to see him go.
Rheneas/Skarloey (absent in the US version): Rollers are rubbish! So good riddance!

George: Bumpy ride on rotten rails. I'm glad it's over.
Percy: So am I!
George: Huh!

Thomas: What's up, Percy?
Percy: It's George. He makes me feel down.
Thomas: Just ignore him.

George: Ripping up rails! What a life! [Thomas passes by] What did you think of this, Thomas? [Thomas ignores George, and doesn't hear him] You're a useless blue puffball! I'll show him who's boss!

Workman: What shall we do here?
George: Tear it up, tarmac it!

Thomas: That's nice, We don't need to stop.
Driver: Yes we do!
Narrator: But it was too late.
(Thomas slides off the rails, rolls down a field and crashes into a barn)

Gordon: [to Percy] Huh! You're just a small engine, that's why he's rude to you! He wouldn't dare cause me any trouble.

[George is obstructing Duck's way, causing a truck to be stuck on the main line]
Duck: Let me through!
George: You'll just have to wait!
Duck: There's no time to wait. I must clear my freight cars from the Main Line to let Gordon through.
George: Then he'll have to wait too!

Gordon: I'm the greatest! Just watch me fly by! [whistles long and loud, notices the stuck truck ahead of him]
Narrator: Suddenly, he saw a truck/freight car on the line ahead.
Gordon: GET OUT OF MY WAY! (shuts his eyes)
Narrator: But the truck/freight car wouldn't move until Gordon forced it...
(The truck/car flies through the air and crashes onto the ground smashing into pieces, much to Duck's shock)
Narrator: accident.

[last lines]
Narrator: George had been found out by Sir Topham Hatt and punished, he looked miserable.
Percy: Now we'll get some peace at last.
George: I want to get rolling again, but I've got to wait a whole week until I do.
Thomas: And then you'll be just as rude as ever, eh, George?
Narrator: I hope not, don't you?


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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese George, O Rolo Compressor
Chinese Mandarin 再见,乔治
Czech Zbohem, Jirko
Danish Farvel og Tak
Dutch Dag George
German George macht Mist
Greek Αντίο Γιώργο!
Hungarian Ég Veled, George!
Italian Addio Giorgio
Japanese バイバイ ジョージ!
Korean 심술꾸러기, 조지
Latin American Spanish Adiós, George
Norwegian Farvel George
Polish Żegnaj Grzegorzu!
Romanian Pa, George!
Russian Прощай Джордж
Slovenian Adijo, Ferdo
Swedish George Ställer Till Det
Welsh Hwyl, George!

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