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Callan Castle (also known as Castle Loch, the Scottish Castle and Lord Callan's Castle) is a Sudrian castle situated on the Misty Valley Branch Line, near a causeway crossing Black Loch. Lord Callan lives here.

When the castle was reopened to the public by Lord Callan, Donald and Douglas bought the banners and bunting for the celebration.[1] Later, Henry found a new flagpole taken from an old ship for the castle, after the one he was originally meant to collect was accidentally run over by Salty.[2]

According to the book Railway Race Day, there is also a sports stadium on the grounds.



  • According to concept art for Bad Day at Castle Loch, the castle is loosely based on Glamis Castle in Scotland.
  • Lord Callan flies the Scottish flag on days of ceremony.
  • The model of the castle is on display at Drayton Manor.
  • During the eleventh series, part of the Knapford set was used alongside the castle as filming of The Great Discovery to save cost instead of rebuilding it.
  • According to Rick Suvalle, there were plans to include Callan Castle in the reboot Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go!. However due to budget constraints those plans never came through.