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“If the airport doesn't open, it will be bad for all the engines. Both steam engines and diesel engines need passengers and freight to be useful.”
―Thomas to the other engines

Calling All Engines! is a feature-length Thomas & Friends special and the first direct-to-home video Thomas & Friends film. It was distributed by HiT Entertainment in 2005. It was re-released by Lionsgate in 2008. It was later re-released again by Universal in 2014.


When summer comes, the engines are looking forward to taking holidaymakers around the Island of Sodor. One day, the Fat Controller announces that an airport is to be built on Sodor, which will bring more holidaymakers than ever. Thomas and Percy go to the site of the new airport, only to discover that 'Arry and Bert, who start bullying the two, are on the same job.

That afternoon, Thomas goes to the timber yard and finds 'Arry and Bert, who boast that they have a very important job. Thomas decides to play a trick on them by biffing a flatbed just before the crane drops the timber. Later, whilst Thomas and Percy are shunting trucks, Diesel confronts Thomas about the trouble he had caused for 'Arry and Bert and boasts that he too has an important job. This gives Thomas another mischievous idea; he shunts trucks of bananas as a prank, instead of bricks and timber.

Later, Thomas and Percy go to the Smelters to collect some steel girders. Upon arrival, they find Diesel 10 loading trucks of scrap metal. The two tank engines are very scared and decide to come back once Diesel 10 has gone. On their way home, Thomas and Percy are concerned to see the Sodor Suspension Bridge is not painted and the new airport is only half-built. Worse still, Tidmouth Sheds has been demolished; Diesel, 'Arry and Bert's important job was to rebuild it, but due to Thomas' tricks, the renovation is deferred. As a result, the engines are forced to temporarily sleep elsewhere; James is sleeping at the Coaling Plant, Edward is sleeping at the Quarry with Diesel, Henry and Percy are sleeping at the Smelter's Yards, Gordon is sleeping under a tent and Thomas is sleeping at Knapford Sheds with Emily.

That night, a fierce storm sweeps across Sodor and causes havoc, including the collapse of the suspension bridge. The next morning, the Fat Controller tells the engines that the storm damage must be cleared up before the work on the new sheds and the airport can continue. However, all the steam engines and diesel engines are cross with each other and refuse to talk to each other.

The next morning, Thomas is sent to collect some iron beams for the suspension bridge from Brendam. Upon arrival at the suspension bridge, he feels tired and declares that the beams need to be placed. Diesel wants to try, but the foreman entrusts Thomas to do it, as he has already proven his strength. Thomas manages to lower the beams into place, much to Diesel's fury. Thomas then heads to the yard to collect some paint for the bridge. Diesel, who is also in the yard, biffs the flatbed so hard that the red, yellow and green paint splashes all over Thomas, making him very cross. Thomas retaliates by biffing 'Arry into a pile of gravel, who in turn bumps James under the coal hopper. The matter escalates until all the engines are fighting. By the end of the day, everyone is dirty and no work has been done.

The Fat Controller is cross at the delays and tells the engines that if they can't behave with the diesels no holidaymakers will come to Sodor that year. This leaves the engines deeply worried over their recent actions and several of them end up dreaming about what might happen to them if no holidaymakers came to Sodor and the engines are no longer useful; James' is that he has a dream that he turns into a coconut shy at a funfair, Gordon in that he has become a playground, Edward about how he is a scarecrow and Percy that he has been turned into a roller coaster. As for Thomas, he has a dream of how to make things better. In his dream, he sees Lady and Rusty working together. As Lady tells Thomas about teamwork, Thomas goes off to find Mavis as soon as he wakes up the next morning. He knew Mavis was kinder than the other Diesels and would be happy to help.

Thomas finds Mavis at the wash-down and tells her about his plan: the Diesels and steam engines must work together to save the new airport and their home. Mavis explains that they must talk to each other first, so Thomas suggests to have a meeting at the coaling plant the next day. When Thomas and Mavis tell the engines about the meeting, Thomas thinks about telling Diesel 10 about it but gets cold wheels and backs down. That night Thomas is so tired he decides to sleep in the woods, meanwhile Emily actually misses Thomas.

The next day, Thomas races to the coaling plant and gets there, just to see 'Arry and Bert almost calling the meeting off as the engines start to argue about who is to blame for starting the trouble. Upon Thomas' arrival, he convinced them that they must work together and at last the engines put their differences aside. When Harold brings the Fat Controller, Thomas explains that the steam engines and Diesels have finally agreed to work together and the Fat Controller is pleased to hear this.

Very soon, the new airport is complete and the first aeroplane is sent to Sodor. Unfortunately, Thomas' trucks derail due to a buckled rail and hit a water tower which collapses to the ground and cracks the runway. The workmen quickly repave the runway and find that they need George to finish the job and with Harvey, on the other side of Sodor, is unable to make it on time. However, Thomas quickly has an idea and rushes off to find Diesel 10 and ask him to help them, who is hesitant at first, but Thomas tells him about how he will be the most useful engine if he were to help and so he agrees and follows Thomas to the airport. Mavis, Percy, Emily, Diesel, 'Arry and Bert are surprised to see Thomas and Diesel 10 working together. Seeing Diesel 10 working alongside a steam engine convinces 'Arry and Bert to finally respect the steam engines themselves. With the aid of the other engines, they clear up the mess and Thomas collects George to repair the runway.

With the runway smooth again, the first aeroplane safely lands. The engines have learnt that teamwork runs a railway, not opposition about their differences. That evening, the engines are happy to see Tidmouth Sheds rebuilt, especially Emily when she finds that an extra berth has been added to the sheds for her to stay there from now on, having grown to love sharing her shed since Thomas' brief, temporary stay.


Character Introduced



Bonus Features



(2005 Release only)

  • Calling All Engines! game
  • Diesel 10 Means Trouble - Read along
  • Character Gallery
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Music Video - Busy, Trying, Together and Dream Song
  • Web Fun
  • HiT Extras (2005-2008)
    • Toddworld - Sophie's Sinking Feeling (2005)
    • Fireman Sam - Paper Plane Down (2008)



  • This special was made to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the franchise.
  • This special marked the first of several things:
    • The first full-length, one hour special released directly on home-media.
    • The first special narrated by Jon Kabira in Japan as well as the first produced with the involvement of 81 Produce.
    • This is the first special filmed interlaced on Digibeta technology.
    • The first appearances of Edward, Bill, Ben, Emily, Harvey, Diesel, Daisy, Mavis, Derek, 'Arry, Bert, Salty, Rusty, George, the Fat Controller, Stephen Hatt, Bridget Hatt, Farmer McColl, Jem Cole, the Sodor Brass Band and the Refreshment Lady in a special.
    • The first special to adapt the standard storytelling style of narration seen in the television series, as Thomas and the Magic Railroad was primarily dialogue and script acting.
    • Daisy's first appearance since the fourth series episode, Bulls Eyes.
    • Derek's first appearence since his debut in the fifth series.
    • Rusty's first appearance since the seventh series episode, Trusty Rusty.
    • Lady and Diesel 10's first appearances since Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
    • The first special to feature a narrow gauge engine, in this case, Rusty.
    • The first VHS/DVD released by 2Entertain though a VCI version of the VHS exists.
    • The first Thomas and Friends production to acknowledge the Steam Team.
    • The first full-length special to be directed by Steve Asquith.
    • The first special not dubbed in Korean.
  • This special also marked a few one-time things:
    • The only special written by Paul Larson, though fifteen years later he wrote two major productions such as the double-length special episodes of the Marvelous Machinery miniseries, A New Arrival and World of Tomorrow for the twenty-fourth series along with Laura Beaumont.
    • The only special not to introduce any new non-human characters.
    • The only special that features stock footage from Learning Segments incorporated into the narrative and the storyline.
    • The only special to have a different logo design for the UK and US respectively.
    • The only special until The Adventure Begins to celebrate the franchise's anniversary.
    • The only special until The Great Race in which the narrator does not read the title and Toby appears but does not speak.
    • Lady, Daisy and Derek's only appearances in the HiT Entertainment model era.
    • The only special not to have a theatrical release of any kind.
    • The only special where Rusty's gender is neutral.
  • This special marked the last of a few things:
    • Daisy's last appearance until Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure and her last appearance in the model series.
    • Lady and Derek's final appearances.
    • George's last non-cameo appearance.
    • The last appearance of Ffarquhar in the model series, and its last appearance until The Adventure Begins.
    • The last to be released on VHS in the UK and Ireland.
    • The last time where Rusty's gender is neutral.
    • The last DVD to feature a bonus episode of the children's television series Kipper.
    • The last production to use stock footage produced by Gullane Entertainment. Although here, it is from the Jack and the Sodor Construction Company series.
    • The last full appearance of Thomas' unused third series anxious face which has teeth on his lower lip.
    • The last time when Thomas and Percy's original plastic models are used for normal filming. From the ninth series all the way until the end of the model era, their brass models that were made during production of Thomas and the Magic Railroad were primarily used. Though Thomas' plastic model was used in scenes to prevent damage to the brass model.
      • This special also marks the last time Percy's plastic model is used.
  • Stock footage from Fish, Thomas and the Circus, Emily's Adventure, Percy's New Whistle, Thomas and the Firework Display, Edward the Great, Emily's New Route and some Learning Segments such as Being Blue, How Does Emily Get to the Station?, Toby is Surprised to see... and How Does Thomas Get to the Timber Yards? as well as alternate footage from Percy's Scary Tale is used.
  • Nearly four years after the release, the songs were re-released with extended versions with lyrics on the UK DVD Songs from Sodor.
  • This special aired on Channel Five's Milkshake in the UK on Christmas Eve 2007, on Boxing Day 2008, and finally on Christmas Eve 2009.
  • This special was originally going to be released on VHS in Australia, but it was cancelled due to VHS releases no longer being available in Australia from late 2005 onwards.
  • This is the only DVD special in Australia to feature its own interactive menu instead of copying the UK and Irish release.
  • This is the second time an engine has been pushed onto the coal tipper. The first time was in the sixth series episode, Middle Engine. It would later happen again in Hide and Peep.
  • A blackboard in the airport manager's office shows flights from Athens, Madrid, Brussels, Paris, Istanbul, Milan, Canterbury, Bristol and London.
  • Toad's scrap model from the third series episode, Escape is seen when Henry and Percy are at the smelter's yard.
  • This special takes place between the eighth and ninth series.
  • Several props including a yellow paint pot along with two paint pot lids, that have all landed on top of Thomas when he gets covered in paint, were sold to The Coffey Man Preservation from The Prop Store.
  • Mavis receives a new horn sound starting with this special until the sixteenth series episode, Thomas and the Sounds of Sodor (excluding the fifteenth series and the rest of the sixteenth series). It was also used for her in some games and merchandise.
  • Rusty's small scale model is used.
  • This special was shown for one week only in Cinemax cinemas in Germany in September 2006.
  • An edited image from the seventh series episode, Toby's Windmill is on the back cover of the UK DVD, with Toby's face changed from sad to happy.
  • The US cover of this special was reused for a box of fruit snacks based on the series and included a mail-away offer for a Wooden Railway Paint Splattered Thomas. One box of them made a background appearance in the CBS television show, The Big Bang Theory in an episode called "The Terminator Decoupling" in the second series.
  • In the close-up of Percy sleeping, his sleeping face was edited to make him look like he is frowning. During his nightmare, Percy was wearing goggles.
  • When re-released in 2014, the bonus features were removed.
  • When the special was shown on Nick Jr. in the UK and Ireland, the learning segments and songs were removed.
  • The original US DVD back cover says the film is 150 minutes. This was later fixed on the Lionsgate and Universal releases.
  • In the Calling All Engines! game, Diesel 10's animated picture was illustrated by Richard Courtney, the same man who illustrated the book Diesel 10 Means Trouble.
  • Thomas and the Magic Railroad was never shown in Norway, Finland, Denmark and Poland, so the Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and Polish audiences would not know who Lady and Diesel 10 are.
  • A large brown building from TUGS appears before Diesel crashes in a shed. A grey building from TUGS also appears when Henry is pushed under the oil pipe.
  • Whilst Thomas was sleeping with Emily in the carriage shed for the third time, his sleeping face is edited to make it look like he is neutral.
  • While Edward is sleeping at Tidmouth Sheds, his wincing face, which was presumably made for the second series episode, Edward's Exploit since its adaption from The Railway Series book Main Line Engines, was used. This would mark the third of four appearances, with the others being Halloween, You Can Do it, Toby! and Henry's Lucky Day.
  • According to Sam Barlow, the reason why Lady and Diesel 10 were in the movie was that they were successful in the merchandise and because it was a requirement by HIT Entertainment to add them into the plot. Despite their appearances in the special, the writers have stated that this is not a sequel to Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
  • In a behind the scenes photo of James as a coconut shy from his nightmare, he was seen with his red-nosed angry face from the third series episode, Buzz, Buzz.[1]
  • The Taiwanese Mandarin DVD back cover shows a picture of Thomas and the Treasure, but the episode was not released at that time.
  • The Taiwanese Mandarin DVD main menu shows an image of Thomas from Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
  • Starting also from this special until the twelfth series, Emily's whistle sound changed to Edward's fourth and fifth series whistle, which was also Henry's whistle, but at two steps higher-pitched. However, Emily had Henry's whistle sound at the end of the song Busy.
  • Salty's seventh series horn sound was reused for Diesel 10, but only in this special.
  • T his special's songs were never dubbed in Serbian, Russian, Greek, Chinese Mandarin, Taiwanese Mandarin and Cantonese.
  • This special's Engine Roll Call song was never dubbed in Hungarian, Czech and Indonesian.
  • This special's Russian and Greek versions play the instrumental versions for all songs.
  • This special's Indonesian version plays the instrumental version for the Engine Roll Call song.


  • At the beginning when Emily passes the Windmill, the middle wheel of the rear coach has been pushed out of its housing.
  • Emily has Henry's whistle sound at the end of the song, Busy, but when all of the engines go to the Coaling Plant, she has Edward's fourth series whistle sound.
  • When Thomas and Percy pass each other at Brendam Docks, the truck in front of Thomas wobbles.
  • Diesel has 'Arry's horn sound when he leaves Brendam Docks with the trucks full of bananas.
  • When Henry says "Now where will we sleep?", his eyes were misaligned.
  • In the third interactive segment, Annie is facing backwards.
  • In some scenes of Diesel, his eyes were misaligned.
  • During Diesel 10's second scene, his pupils become smaller.
  • When Diesel was preparing to biff the flatbed of paint pots, his eyes popped out for a few seconds.
  • When 'Arry biffs James, he is missing the dust from the gravel pile that Thomas shoved him into. But at the washdown, the gravel dust on 'Arry reappeared.
  • Percy is smiling in his dream before he says "Bust my boiler!"
  • Lady's wheels stop moving in the close-up shot of her.
  • Due to stock footage being used, when the narrator says "Soon all the engines on the island knew about the meeting", a fish can be seen on Thomas' boiler.
  • In the Greek dub, James' English name is used once by accident.
  • All the Nordic DVD Menus use an image from the sixth series episode, A Friend in Need and the classic theme was used in the background.
  • Edward's whistle is bent when he was on his way to the Coaling Plant.
  • During the meeting at the Coaling Plant, a purple mark can be seen on the bottom right corner of 'Arry's front. That is because 'Arry's model was repainted from Splatter after Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
  • During the learning segment of Percy and Mavis, five of the paint pots on the two flatbeds are missing their cover lids.
  • After Toby arrived at Kellsthorpe, his eyes were misaligned.
  • Wires are visible through Daisy's windows.
  • In the shot of the Sodor Airport office, the water tower was seen standing outside the window when it was already crashed down the runway.
  • As Harvey unloaded some cargo from the flatbed, the top of his face almost falls off.
  • Due to faces being reused from Thomas and the Magic Railroad and having new faces in the special, the size of Diesel 10's face changes throughout the special.
  • The narrator says Thomas and Diesel 10 puffed as fast as they could, but Diesel 10 is a diesel and therefore does not puff.
  • Due to an improper promo used on the US DVD disc, James' tender has not been fully rendered in.


The Fat Controller: [after all the fight across the island] You have caused confusion and delay. The bridge isn't painted, and we will not be able to open the airport. No holidaymakers/vacationers will come to Sodor this year.

Lady: We always finish our jobs when we work together.

'Arry: Trust a steamie to be late.
Bert: This whole mess is the steamies' fault.
Percy: No, it’s not! The diesels started it!
'Arry: Maybe we should teach those Steamies a lesson!
[Thomas puffed into the Coaling Plant, whistling everyone to be quiet]
Thomas: Steamies and diesels need to work together.
Diesel: We don't want to work with "Stinky Steamies".
James: We don't want to work with "Dirty Diesels" either.
Thomas: If the airport doesn't open, it will be bad for all the engines. Both steam engines and diesel engines need passengers and freight to be useful.

Thomas: Excuse me.
[Diesel 10 growls loudly]
Thomas: Uh, excuse me.
Diesel 10: What do you want?! [gets told by Thomas about the blocked tracks] Why would I help a steamie?!
Thomas: Because if the aeroplane/airplane doesn't land, there will be no holidaymakers/vacationers, then none of the engines will be useful.
Diesel 10: Hmmm, maybe I will help later.
Thomas: But we need your help now, or all of the engines will have worked for nothing! You'll be the most useful engine of all.
Diesel 10: Mmm, alright! I will help!

In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Chamando Todas As Locomotivas!
Czech Plnou parou vpřed
Danish For Fuld Damp!
Dutch Attentie, alle Treinen!
Finnish Kaikki Veturit Töihin!
German Alle Loks im Einsatz!
Greek Μηχανές ενωθείτε
Hebrew תומס מיישב מחלוקות (JimJam)
Hungarian Teljes gőzzel előre!
Italian Sono tutte Locomotive!
Japanese みんなあつまれ!しゅっぱつしんこう
Latin American Spanish ¡Llamando a Todas las Locomotoras!
Norwegian Kaller alle lokomotiver!
Polish Jak Lokomotywy Uratowaly Lotnisko
Portuguese A Todo o Vapor
Romanian Cu Toată Viteza Înainte!
Russian На всех парах!
Serbian Sastanak lokomotiva
Swedish Ta i så det ryker!
Turkish Herkes İş Başına!



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  • Ringing Paint Thomas in Tekoro


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