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Calling All Engines! is a book based on the special of the same name.


A new airport is being built and all the steam engines want to help finish it, but then they find out that they have to work with diesel engines. Then a summer storm hits the Island and everything is messed up. Sir Topham Hatt tells the engines that they should work harder to finish the airport and the suspension bridge. The diesels do not talk to the steam engines and the steam engines do not talk to the diesel engines.

Later Thomas is going to collect paint, but Diesel bumps the flatcar and paint splatters all over Thomas! This makes Thomas angry and he bumps 'Arry off the rails. Soon everybody is biffing each other. Later at night, Thomas dreams of how he could restore everything back to order. In his dream, he sees Lady and Rusty working together and this gives him an idea.

He asks Mavis to tell everyone that they are going to have a meeting. Everyone agrees to Thomas' plan of working together and in no time the suspension bridge and the airport are finished.



  • Several characters that appear in this book, such as Spencer, Donald/Douglas, and Duck did not appear in the special.


  • In the large picture of the railway, Salty is shown reversing. Salty cannot back down as Spencer is heading towards him.
  • Emily's buffers are black instead of silver.
  • Rusty is portrayed as a standard gauge engine.
  • Lady's front truck looks like it has a face, but in the next picture, the face is gone.
  • In two illustrations, Lady's connecting rods are incorrectly placed in her crosshead.
  • Tidmouth Sheds and Sodor Airport are illustrated as being near the Peel Godred line.

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