The Calliope is a steam-powered instrument that used to play music at fairs and somehow came into the possession of the Duke and Duchess of Boxford.


Thomas & Friends

The calliope was neglected for many years and rusted. Percy and Diesel were told to take it to the Smelter's Yard, but Percy wanted to make it work again. He tried filling it with water and coal and pushing it, but it did not work. Upon being connected to Percy's cylinder drains, however, the calliope began to play beautiful music. The calliope was then taken to the Sodor Steamworks where it was restored.

It was later a part of the presents train.

Technical Details


The calliope appears to be based on a National CA-53 calliope.

The calliope is carried in a modified 7-Plank Truck, with the height lowered and the width extended to fit the calliope, as well as a hole cut out of the sides.


The calliope is painted red with yellow lining. It has brass pipes of various sizes and a green emblem with the letters "SR" painted on both sides.





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