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There are many Canal Boats in Sodor's waterways. They are a popular tourist attraction, going up and down rivers and canals. The "Sodor Valley", "Heart of Sodor", "Lady Claire", and "Sodor Rose" canal boats were first seen in the third series, and "Sodor Maid" appeared in the fifth, tenth, and fifteenth series as well as in the magazine story, Holiday Train. Others have been seen in blue and green colours. One was also featured at the Wharf named "Reg of Sodor No.1". There are also some Canal Barges.

Edward was given the job of pulling a canal boat named "River Rose" along the canal in the Edward and the River Rose!. "River Rose" also appeared in the magazine story, Little and Light. A canal boat with the name "Alice Marie" briefly appeared in the 2003 magazine story, Surprise, Surprise!. A black canal boat with a face appeared in the magazine story, Too Hot to Work!.

List of sentient Canal Boats


  • ERTL ("Sodor Maid" as "The Canal Boat"; discontinued)


  • A canal boat is currently on display at Drayton Manor.
  • Another canal boat with the company name "Samuel James Ltd Cartage" could be seen in the third series.
  • A water ride at Thomas Land (Japan), The Exciting Cruise, makes use of the various Sodor Canal Boats with names such as "Tidmouth Maid" and "Bluebell Valley". 
Non-rail vehicles

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