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This article is about 'wind-up train range'. You may be looking for 'Mini Mini Plarail, Pocket Fantasy, Mini Die Cast Collection or Capsule Collection'.

Capsule Plarail (Japanese: カプセルプラレール) is a wind-up train system sold in Gacha machines which uses elements of Plarail by Tomy. The first Thomas range was released in Japan in 2000, with a new series released every few months. In 2013, the fiftieth series of the Capsule Plarail Thomas range was released.

In 2006 or 2007, some characters were released in other countries in blister packaging, but these were discontinued in 2009. The range was later released in Australia in 2010.


(One asterisk (*) denotes items formerly available outside Japan and Australia.)

Steam Locomotives

Diesel Locomotives

Other Locomotives

Narrow Gauge

Miniature Gauge

Rolling Stock

Standard Gauge

Narrow Gauge

Non-rail Vehicles

Road Vehicles

Air Vehicles

Water Vehicles


Humans and Animals



  • James' wheels are red on most of his models, when they should be black.
  • Stefano, Flying Scotsman, and Beresford were all released in multiple sections rather than as one piece. This is because they are too large to fit into a single gashapon capsule.
  • The Chocolate Factory's model uses the exact same model as the Ice Cream Factory, making it look inaccurate to its true television series appearance.
  • Some of Peter Sam's models have his old funnel.
  • Diesel, Splatter, Dodge, Den, Dart, the Arlesdale Railway engines and some models of Thomas, James, Percy, Emily, Stanley and Rusty are unpowered and have front couplings, thus making them function as pieces of rolling stock.
  • Some of Bill and Ben's models have yellow wheels instead of black or red ones.
  • Quite a few engines wheels are grey when they should be in their respective liveries.
  • Express Coaches and Mail Coaches are repainted from JNR Coaches.
  • The Narrow Gauge Coaches are repainted from Annie and Clarabel.
  • The models for Edward, James and Duke have their tenders moulded with the cab, similar to Motorized Railway, Railway Pals and Minis.
  • Duke's models incorrectly depict him with buffers.

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