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This article is about 'wind-up train range'. You may be looking for 'Mini Mini Plarail, Pocket Fantasy, Mini Die Cast Collection or Capsule Collection'.

Capsule Plarail (Japanese: カプセルプラレール) is a wind-up train system sold in Gacha machines which uses elements of Plarail by Tomy. The first Thomas range was released in Japan in 2000, with a new series released every few months. In 2013, the fiftieth series of the Capsule Plarail Thomas range was released.

In 2006 or 2007, some characters were released in other countries in blister packaging, but these were discontinued in 2009. The range was later released in Australia in 2010.


(One asterisk (*) denotes items formerly available in wind-ups.)

Steam Locomotives

Diesel Locomotives

Other Locomotives

Narrow Gauge

Miniature Gauge

Rolling Stock

Standard Gauge

Narrow Gauge

Non-Rail Vehicles

Road Vehicles

Sodor Construction Company

Air Vehicles

Water Vehicles


Humans and Animals




  • The rerelease of 'Treasure of the Pirates' is the only rerelease part of the main numbering system.
  • James' wheels are red on his red livery models, when they should be black.
  • Stefano, Flying Scotsman, and Beresford were all released in multiple sections rather than as one piece. This is because they are too large to fit into a single gashapon capsule.
  • The Chocolate Factory's models use the exact same model as the Ice Cream Factory, making it look inaccurate to its true television series appearance.
  • Peter sam includes his original funnel.
  • Splatter, Dodge, Den, Dart, the Arlesdale Railway engines have only been released as push alongs. Diesel used to be released as a push along until November 2020 when 'Jobs at the Dieselworks Edition' was released.
  • When 'Bertie, Terence, and Cranky Edition' was first released, Bill and Ben had yellow wheels, when the wave was rereleased Bill and Ben gained siderods. However when 'Buzz Buzz James Edition' was released, Bill and ben's siderods were removed.
  • A few engines released before 'Emily and Windmill edition' did not gain siderods in future releases. This includes: Duck, Donald and Douglas, Oliver, Bill and Ben, Stepney, Harvey, Diesel, Splatter and Dodge, Salty, Den and Frankie. Though Bill and Ben had siderods in the rerelease of 'Bertie, Terence, and Cranky' edition and Oliver had prototypes depicting him with siderods. Gina, Luke, Mighty Mac, Bert, Rex and Mike were also released without siderods after 'Emily and Windmill edition'.
  • The Passenger Cars and the original Post Freight Car are repainted from JNR Coaches.
  • The Narrow Gauge Coaches are repainted from Annie and Clarabel.
  • The models for Edward, James and Duke have their tenders moulded with the cab, similar to Motorized Railway, Railway Pals and Minis.
  • Duke's models incorrectly depict him with buffers.
  • Belle's wheels are blue on all of her models, instead of red.
  • From July 2007 to March 2008, all waves released had joint rail track adapters to connect the new track design to the old design.
  • Stafford and Den have only been released with shocked faces, Dart has only been released with a sad face.
  • All engines previously with silver side rods (With the exception of Bill and Ben, who's siderods were removed) gained white siderods after November 2012 starting with 'Welcome Stafford Edition'.
  • Jack's straining toy's radiator has a bigger Circumference than all of his other toys in the range.
  • Jack's second smiling toy reuses his straining model therefor his face is smaller than his radiator.
  • Alfie and Max used to be pullback vehicles like Jack, but when Alfie was rereleased in the 'Stefano The Big Amphibious Vehicle Edition' and Max in 'Chao! It's a Discovery!! Edition' they were free wheeling.
  • Ffarquhar station can play the Thomas and Friends Theme Song.
  • Gordon's happy face model was never released with blue wheels with siderods, however his gold plated, rainbow, shooting star, and 2010 plated variants depict him with a happy face and siderods. Gordon's Wind-up toy also has a happy face and blue wheels with siderods.
  • The Barrel car, Funny funnel Thomas, Mr. Bubbles an advertising car, the windmill with fences, and the walking bridge were the last toys introduced before the change to white siderods.
  • Before 'Shiny Favourites Edition' waves would often have limited edition plated toys, though not listed on the catalog.
  • Oliver had prototypes depicting him with siderods, but he was never released with them.
  • Some tender engines are sold seperate from their tenders due to there being an extra item sold with them.
  • Twins often have their eyes looking in opposite directions.
  • The Sodor Zoo Gate and Sodor Animal Park Station with Background can connect to each other.
  • The Sodor Animal Park version of the Station with Background comes with a station sign and a bench that you can switch around.

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