Captain Calles (also known as the Lost Pirate) was a pirate who lived on Sodor during the 16th century.


Captain Calles used to sail the seas in his ship, attacking and sinking merchant ships in order to steal their treasure. However, this only resulted in the merchants and the navy trying to track him down to get the treasure back. In order to get away, Calles sailed his ship into a cavern located between Arlesburgh and Harwick, and buried his treasure there. He later drew up a map so that he could come back and find the treasure, but it was apparently blown overboard.

Over 400 years later, his ship was discovered by Thomas after the cavern collapsed. Sailor John found his map where the ship had been recovered, and Marion found the treasure chest he had buried. Henry also mistook Skiff as him on his ship, after Salty had told a tale that Calles, as a ghost, still tries to find his treasure.


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