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Carly is a yellow rolling gantry crane from China who works at Brendam Docks with Cranky and Big Mickey.


Thomas & Friends

When Carly first arrived to Brendam Docks, Cranky feared that he was going to be replaced, but he soon warmed up to her. She was so keen that she took on all the work, which made Cranky jealous and he frantically tried to outdo her. However, their hooks became entangled in the process, and they found themselves stuck fast and unable to move. As they both tried to pull away from each other, Salty told them that they needed to work together. After they were able to do so, Cranky apologised for being jealous, while Carly also apologised for appearing to be desperately trying to hog all of Cranky's work. [1]

Later on, Thomas managed to talk her into loading him on a ship heading away from Sodor, but it caused worry for the Fat Controller and the others when they found out. [2]

During a busy period at the docks while Salty was at the Dieselworks, Carly accidentally dropped some flour down Porter's funnel, immobilising him. Percy was then sent to help in his place, however he was unable to keep up with the workload. This resulted in crates being stacked all over the docks, trapping Carly in one position. When some of the crates got knocked over she lost her balance, nearly falling into the water. Fortunately, Cranky was able to stop her from falling just in time, however she could not be properly rescued until the Steam Team came to the docks and she was lifted back upright by Thomas, Emily and Rebecca. [3]


Carly is a bubbly crane who is happy to help out. She is friendly and is able to make friends with almost anyone. While she can be a bit over-enthusiastic about her work, she only wants to be really useful. Compared to the grumpy Cranky and the silent Big Mickey, Carly is the most approachable crane at Brendam Docks to have as a conversation partner. She often compliments and chats with engines visiting and leaving the docks, but is still serious about her work.

Technical Details


Although Carly is a British crane built at the Mainland Craneworks, she is actually based on a Chinese portal crane built by Xinxiang Kehao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd, which is extensively used to load and unload at ports and material handling at shipyards and metallurgy industry. Cassia is also based on this crane.


Carly's main body is painted bright yellow and has dark blue railings and stairs. Her name is painted on the sides of her cab in dark blue and she has a dark blue section above her face and has black hazard stripes on her superstructure and base.



  • According to Lee Pressman, Carly was originally meant to be called Mildred. However, the name was changed as the producers felt it sounded too old. Salty called the Sea Serpents Mildred in his story as a reference to Carly's original name.
  • Carly is the first character to be based on a machine built in the 21st century.
  • Carly, along with Cranky, Harold and Bulstrode, are the only non-rail vehicle characters to return in the reboot. However, Carly is now a rail vehicle.
  • Carly has been partially modified from her basis; her wheels are now covered and her cab is larger to accommodate a face.
  • Lucy Montgomery voices Carly with a Liverpudlian accent.



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