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― Carly's catchphrase

Carly is a yellow crane engine who lives and works on the Island of Sodor. She is close friends with Sandy and co-works with her at their maintenance yard.


Carly is a very helpful crane who is always there to lend a hook when her friends are in trouble. She also acts as a sort of older sister figure to Sandy, and while the pair are generally inseparable, the speeder's tendency to go overboard often forces Carly to keep her manic antics in check. While bigger and generally more level-headed than Sandy, Carly admits that of the duo, she is the pair's muscle, whereas Sandy is the only one with the actual know-how to properly fix anything. Despite being far more mature than the rest of the Biggest Adventure Club, Carly is not above juvenile behaviour, acting very flustered upon seeing Kenji during The Sodor Cup and hiding with the others during a Halloween storm.

Technical Details[]


Carly is a freelance design, and as such has no specific basis, though her cab portion is loosely based on a Chinese portal crane built by Xinxiang Kehao Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd., which was her basis in the original series.


Carly is painted yellow with a blue roof, hook, window frames and joints on her crane arm. She has black hazard stripes along the bottom of her rear cab section and on parts of her crane arm. Her running board, valences and bufferbeams are all blue.


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Audio Files[]


First used Last used Sound Effect
A Thomas Promise Active

In the 2023 update of Go Go Thomas, Carly uses Diesel's Misty Island Rescue horn sound and Mavis' horn sound in the original series.

Only used Sound Effect
Go Go Thomas! (video game)


  • In an early version of the script for A Thomas Promise used for auditions in January 2020:
    • Carly is renamed Eva, in order to keep the series a secret.[1] Coincidentally, this is also the name of her voice actress in the UK dub.
    • It is revealed that within the series, Carly is eight years old.
  • Marketing descriptions often incorrectly state that Carly is exclusive to All Engines Go.
  • Early boxes for Carly's Motorized and Push Along releases refer to her simply as "Crane Vehicle". This was changed to "Carly the Crane" in later releases.
  • Carly was originally going to live at Tidmouth Sheds, along with Sandy.

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