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Carnival Capers is a US DVD featuring six tenth series episodes and two songs. The UK and Australian releases feature seven tenth series episodes. It was released under the name Percy and the Funfair for Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish audiences. It was released under the name, Fair in the City for Dutch audiences with six tenth series episodes.



Join Thomas and Friends as a carnival comes to the Island of Sodor! Also, meet new friends, Rocky and Rosie, and follow them as they explore their new surroundings and learn to work as a team with the other engines.


The fun fair is coming to Sodor and all of the engines have been asked to help, except for Percy! When Percy leaves his boring job of pulling the coal and goes to help at the fun fair, all of the other trains grind to a halt because they have no fuel. Percy is horrified and gets to work with the important job of delivering the coal. Will he be able to get all the trains working? Will the fun fair be set up on time? Join Percy in this great adventure.


Here you meet Thomas the Tank Engine and all his friends again. You might have seen Thomas before? He loves to pull all kinds of freight. The only thing he doesn't like is fish. This time, a funfair is coming to Sodor and all the engines, except Percy, is asked to help.



  1. Percy and the Carnival *
  2. Thomas and the Birthday Mail *
  3. A Smooth Ride **
  4. The Green Controller *
  5. Edward Strikes Out *
  6. Thomas' Frosty Friend **

(* Followed by Learning Segment)

(** Followed by song)


  1. Thomas and the Jet Plane
  2. Percy and the Funfair
  3. Thomas' Tricky Tree
  4. Toby's Afternoon Off
  5. Emily and the Special Coaches
  6. Seeing the Sights
  7. Thomas and the Shooting Star


  1. Percy and the Funfair
  2. Toby's Day Off
  3. Thomas and the Christmas Tree
  4. It's Good to be Gordon
  5. Emily and the Special Coaches
  6. Thomas and the Colours
  7. Thomas and the Presents

The Netherlands

  1. Percy and the Funfair
  2. Follow that Flour
  3. Duncan Drops a Clanger
  4. Toby's Free Afternoon
  5. Thomas' Tricky Tree
  6. It's Good to be Gordon


  1. There's Always Something New (US DVD only)
  2. Engine Roll Call

Learning Segments


Bonus Features



Learning Segments


  • The VUDU digital release is in widescreen. The runtime for it is also 44 minutes, meaning the learning segments and songs are not included.
  • The UK/AUS DVD repeats the opening and ending for each episode instead of showing animated transitions between the episodes. This is the first UK DVD since Bumper Party Collection! to do so.
  • On the first UK release of this DVD, images from Thomas and the Birthday Mail and Edward Strikes Out were seen on the back cover.
  • In the UK/AUS episode selections, music is played in every selection with the sounds being heard.
    • The first 30 seconds of the Welcome to the Island of Sodor opening is heard in the first episode selection.
    • Music of the beginning of Percy and the Funfair is heard in the second episode selection.
    • Percy's theme from Percy and the Funfair is heard in the extras selection.
  • The UK trailer of the DVD is shown in the promotional DVD, Thomas and the Colours/It's Good to be Gordon.
  • The learning segments in the UK/AUS DVD are only featured in bonus features and are not paired after an episode.
  • Free "Roary the Racing Car" and "Fifi and the Flowertots" stickers were included with the Norwegian release.
  • This is the last US DVD to not include the Canadian French narration track as one of the languages until the US DVD The Thomas Way.


  • During the opening of both the US VUDU digital release and the Norwegian DVD release, Michael Angelis is mistakenly credited.
  • The back of the UK and some Australian DVD covers feature Rosie and Rocky and the Australian DVD description says meet Rosie and Rocky. However, they do not appear in any episodes on the DVD.
  • The Norwegian release's back cover lists some of the episodes in the wrong order.
  • When the UK promo was on the Fireman Sam DVD Red Alert, the US DVD cover is used.


Take Along

  • Rosie (discontinued)
  • Rocky (discontinued)
  • Sir Handel and the Apple Car (discontinued)
  • Percy and the Carnival Movie Car (discontinued)
  • Thomas and Percy's Carnival Adventure Playset (discontinued)
  • Carnival Capers Playscene (discontinued)

Wooden Railway

  • Rosie (discontinued)
  • Rocky (discontinued)
  • Busy Bee James (Discontinued; sold only in the "Adventures of James" pack)
  • Thomas and the Snowman (discontinued)

Motor Road and Rail

  • Rosie
  • Rocky
  • Busy Bee James


  • Rosie (discontinued)
  • Rocky (discontinued)
  • Busy Bee James (discontinued)
  • Carnival Fun 3-Pack (discontinued)

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