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Carnival Day! is a UK DVD containing six episodes from the twenty-third series.


When Thomas discovers batucada music, he's thrilled to be invited to start the carnival and uses the sounds of his noisy trucks to create his own fun beat! Meanwhile, Raul's super-competitive nature gets him into trouble and Thomas learns not to judge an engine by their colour when Gustavo (who reminds him of Gordon) offers advice. Back on Sodor, Percy's panic causes confusion and delay, Diesel uses tricks to try to prove his usefulness, and Emily gets the adventure she has longed for when she and Nia camp out all night with the Sodor Rangers!


  1. Batucada
  2. Panicky Percy
  3. The Other Big Engine
  4. Diesel Do Right
  5. Grudge Match
  6. Rangers of the Rails

Bonus Features


  • This is the first DVD to feature the BBFC's new "U" certficiate design.
  • A bonus episode (likely to have been Thomas and the Forest Engines) was initially listed on the listing for the DVD, but it was later removed from the DVD for unknown reasons.


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