“Well, well! We've had a busy morning, after all!”
―The builders

Carriage Care! is a short magazine story.


One wet morning, Thomas is pulling Annie along his branch line. As Thomas waits by a signal, he spots two builders sat in their lorry by an old abandoned house. The builders explain that they are there to fix the roof, but cannot work during the heavy rain.

Later on, as Thomas nears the main station, a stone flies up and cracks one of Annie's windows. Luckily, she is not carrying any passengers. Then, Annie feels water drip onto her seats; her rood has sprung a leak. Annie is very concerned as she cannot carry passengers with damp seats and she is far too busy to be taken out of service. Then, Thomas sees the builders driving home in their lorry and calls for them to stop. The builders agree to help Annie.

Annie is rolled into the empty engine shed where the builders set to work. Soon, they mend the carriage's roof and broken window. Thanks to the builders, Annie is able to go straight back to work and the builders have had a busy morning, after all.



  • Clarabel is strangely absent from this story.
  • Annie's window is said to be cracked, but the illustration shows it completely smashed.
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