Carrying Coal! is a magazine story.


Thomas is running late and running low on coal. Then, he sees the coalman crossing the level crossing who kindly gives Thomas some bags of coal. A few days later, Thomas is pulling a "Showtime Special" train which is taking passengers to see a musical at the theatre. Whilst waiting at the signal, he sees the coalman who is signalling for help. His lorry has broken down so Thomas gives him a lift to the next station where he can call a mechanic. The only problem is, that the coal on his lorry is needed at the theatre. But Thomas has an idea; he collects the coal in the guard's van and then his crew takes it from the van to the theatre on a luggage trolley. Thomas has saved the show!



  • When Thomas is waiting at the crossing, the crossing gates are painted black and grey, whilst the red circle in the middle is left uncoloured!
  • In one illustration, Thomas' driver's shirt is coloured blue, like his jacket.


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