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Carter is a green gantry crane who works at a dock in San Francisco, California.


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Carter works at a dock in San Francisco, California, loading and unloading ships. He helped load Thomas onto a ship that was bound for China.


Carter appears to be generally disinterested in most of what goes on around him, as shown when he did not seem to care too much about what Thomas wanted. He also seems to have a somewhat dry sense of humour and makes sarcastic remarks about being told what he has to do and what the reasons are for doing so, such as when Thomas said he had to load him onto a ship to China so he could talk to a friend.

Technical Details


Carter is based on the Stothert & Pitt electric rolling gantry crane. Four examples of this type of crane are preserved at the M Shed museum at Prince's Wharf, Bristol. Beresford is also based on this design.


Carter is painted green with yellow details and black hazard stripes.


Voice Actors


  • Carter's model is a modified version of Beresford with the bodywork painted green and yellow while the face is a modified version of Merrick's, being a square shape instead of Merrick's six cornered one.
  • Thomas nicknames him "Mr. Crane", the same nickname he used for Beresford in Journey Beyond Sodor.
  • Thomas & Friends: Adventures! is currently the only piece of merchandise or media to refer to Carter by name.


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