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This category is for Korean VHS and DVD releases. (Day of the Diesels, Blue Mountain Mystery, King of the Railway and Big World! Big Adventures! were never released on DVD in Korean, but they were released on VOD.) (Series 13~23 Korean dubs were never released on DVD, but were released on VOD.) (Series 13 DVD was released on DVD, but it used the English dub as well as Korean and English subtitles on the DVD) (Not all of the episodes of Series 1~3 and Series 11 were released on VHS and DVD.) (KBS's Series 1~4 and EBS's Series 12 Korean dubs were never released on DVD.)

(Adongmoonhak Exists)

  • - Adongmoonhak -
  • 무지개의 끝 Vol. 1 (The End of the Rainbow)
  • Vol. 2
  • 새 친구, 네빌 Vol. 3 (Neville the New Friend)
  • Vol. 4
  • 토마스와 제트 엔진 Vol. 5 (Thomas and the Jet Engine)
  • 도와달라고 말해요 Vol. 6
  • 토마스와 가장 무도회 Vol. 7
  • 토마스와 눈사람 풍선 Vol. 8 (Thomas and the Snowman Balloon)
  • 토마스와 생일 선물 Vol. 9 (Thomas and the Birthday Present)
  • Vol. 10
  • 메달을 받은 토마스 Vol. 11 (Thomas Who Got the Medal)
  • 토마스와 트리 운반 Vol. 12 (Thomas and the Tree Carry)

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