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This article is about the television series cranes. You may be looking for the Railway Series crane.

A Caterpillar Crane is a mobile crane that runs on caterpillar tracks, many caterpillar cranes can be seen all around Sodor and mostly work in quarries, such as the Clay Pits and Skarloey Slate Quarry. Some scrapped cranes have also been seen several times.

One of these cranes was briefly seen working alongside the Sodor Construction Company in the reconstruction of Great Waterton in The Great Discovery.

Technical Details


The caterpillar cranes are based on a Ruston-Bucyrus Ruston-Bucyrus 17/19 Crawler Crane.



  • The Ertl toys of the caterpillar cranes incorrectly refers to them as a "he" as if there is only one of them and as if they are sentient.
  • During filming of Thomas and the Magic Railroad, a slightly new model was made to replace the original model that was used from the third to the fifth season, likely due to damage sustained while being shipped to Canada. However, the model from the film was possible lost or damage while being shipped back to England, so the crew made a scrapped model during filming of Series 7.


  • Ertl (discontinued; as "Crane")
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