“No engine tells me what to do!”

Caught on Camera is a magazine story.


Edward's guard is filming Edward in the yard. The other engines are puzzled until Edward explains that the guard is making a film of him to show at a film club. Percy, Bill, Ben and Diesel all want to be in the film too. Just then, the Fat Controller arrives and tells Edward that he must meet with the mayor to discuss timetables and he leaves Edward in charge in his absence. Edward suggests that all of the engines get on with their work, but Diesel has an issue with taking orders from an engine. Diesel bumps his trucks, trying to work as fast as he can. Edward orders him to slow down, but Diesel refuses. To make matters worse, Percy and Oliver play on the turntable and Bill and Ben are playing tricks. None of the engines are listening to old Edward.

Edward has an idea and tells his guard to film the engines misbehaving. The engines are shocked when they spot the camera. All of the engines beg Edward not to show the film to the Fat Controller and promise to behave, even Devious Diesel. Unbeknownst to the other engines, Edward's guard had just been pretending to film them.



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