Character Encyclopedia is a large book with 184 pages.


Meet Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends from the Island of Sodor, and beyond! Discover fun facts about more than 100 Thomas & Friends characters. Learn all about the real life vehicles they are based on.


Photographs of Aerolite, Talyllyn, Dolgoch, Sir Haydn, Edward Thomas and Douglas (narrow gauge) appear.


  • The hardcover book includes a Minis Thomas engine.
  • This book features every named engine, rolling stock and off-rail vehicle character in the CGI series at the time, with the exceptions of Hannah, Terence, Bulgy, Carly, Big Mickey and Beresford.
  • The book reveals that Flying Scotsman went back to help Gordon finish the race after the blue engine's boiler exploded in The Great Race. This might have been in the script during production.


  • Belle's prototype picture shows a 2-6-0 tender variant of the BR Class 4MT, whereas her actual prototype is the 2-6-4T variant of that class.
  • The opening image shows Thomas and James' crew missing from their cabs.
  • Spencer is in the "Sodor Steamies" section, but he is actually from the Mainland.
  • In the image of Stephen, he is placed on narrow gauge rails despite being standard gauge. 
  • In the image of Salty, his bufferbeam is restored instead of being weathered.
  • The book states Hugo's basis was built in 1930 instead of 1929.
  • Hurricane's steam pipes are referred to as smoke deflectors.


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