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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the magazine story or the Thai DVD.

“Okay, Charlie, I have a joke for you! How do you know when an engine is eating?"
Errr, I don't know, Eddie. Tell me!"
"You hear it 'choo-ing'!"
"That's a good one, Eddie! You really are the most fun of all!”
Edward telling Charlie a joke

Charlie and Eddie is the fourth episode of the fourteenth series.


Edward is given the job of taking the Fat Controller's car to the mechanic. Charlie arrives and tells Edward a joke. Edward does not laugh and Charlie remarks that Edward might be too old to be a fun engine. Edward is insulted by this and is determined to prove Charlie wrong. Instead of going directly to Maron, Charlie and Edward take the Fenland Track because it is bumpy and fun.

When they finally arrive at Maron, Thomas informs Edward that the mechanic has just left on Bertie. Edward sees another chance to show Charlie how fun he can be and suggests that they chase after Bertie. Charlie thinks this is great fun, but Bertie soon outruns them. A worried Edward decides that it is best to contact the signalman to get a message to the mechanic, but Charlie tells him that it would not be fun. Edward then suggests taking the car to the Steamworks. Charlie likes this idea and they soon arrive at the Steamworks. Victor is away collecting parts, but Kevin tells Edward that they cannot mend cars at the Steamworks. Edward does not have any other option and insists that Kevin mend the car.

Edward and Charlie go back to the Steamworks later that day, but Kevin has not been able to fix the car. He has, however, placed a "fun funnel" on the car's roof. The Fat Controller arrives and is not pleased with what he sees: his car is still broken and he needs it for an important journey that evening. Edward has an idea, he suggests that Sir Topham and Lady Hatt could ride with him that evening and his car could be mended the following day.

The next day, Edward goes back to the Steamworks and collects the Fat Controller's mended car. In the end, Charlie agrees with his friend Edward that being really useful is fun too.





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  • Going by production order, this is the fifth episode of the fourteenth series.
  • Stock footage from Percy's Parcel, The Early Bird and Misty Island Rescue are used.
  • This is the second time Edward is referred to as "Eddie." The first time was Steady Eddie.
  • Kevin mistakenly calls Edward "boss." This still stems from when Thomas took over as manager of the Steamworks in Steamy Sodor.
  • A shortened version of the episode was uploaded to the show's official page on the PBS Kids website. Mark Moraghan also re-dubbed the episode.
  • This episode marks Charlie's only appearance in the fourteenth series.
  • This episode's title may be a reference to the musical duo Charles & Eddie.


  • When Charlie puffs into the Steamworks for the last time, neither his wheels nor his siderods move.
  • When Edward is racing against Charlie, his red lining is gone, along with the number two on his tender.
  • In several shots, Edward's bogie wheels are not turning.
  • On early Nick Jr. airings of the episode in the UK and Ireland, the first few minutes of this episode until the part when Edward and Charlie leave Maithwaite were drowned out by Thomas, You're the Leader. This was later corrected in 2012.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 查理和艾德华
Czech Charlie a Eddie
Danish Charlie og Edward
Finnish Kaarlo ja Eetu
French Charlie et Eddie
German Charlie und Edward
Greek Ο Tσάπλι και Ο Έντι
Hungarian Charlie és Eddie
Indonesian Charlie dan Eddie
Italian Charlie e Eddie
Japanese チャーリーとエドワード
Korean 찰리와 에드워드
Norwegian Charlie og Eddie
Polish Karol i Edek
Portuguese Charlie e Eddie
Romanian Charlie și Eddie
Russian Глупое веселье
Slovenian Čarli in Edi
Spanish Charlie y Eddie
Swedish Charlie och Eddie
Turkish Charlie ve Eddie
Welsh Charli ac Edi

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