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“Being really useful is fun too."
"You know, Edward, I think you might be right!”
―Edward and Charlie

Charlie and Eddie is a magazine story illustrated using pictures from the CGI television series.


Edward is taking the Fat Controller's car to be fixed. Then, Charlie arrives and tells Edward that he is too old to be fun, but Edward is determined to prove him wrong. Edward has to pick up an engineer to fix the car so he decides that he and Charlie should race to see who would arrive first. The two engines have fun, but it makes Edward late; the engineer had already left with Bertie. Edward and Charlie race after him, but it is only a matter of time before they lose the bus.

Edward decides to take the car to the Steamworks. Once there, Kevin isn't sure he can fix the car, but Edward insists that he try. Later, Kevin has managed to fix the car and has put a funnel on its roof. Soon, the funnel is removed and Edward is happy and tells Charlie that being "Really Useful" is fun too. Charlie has to agree!





  • In the second picture, Edward is overlapping Charlie.
  • Edward is frowning when he says "Let's race!"


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